Flickr: Defence Images: "RN Search & Rescue Helicopter Aircrewman is Winched Aboard"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. What a photo!!

    Edit to add: Great photo's!!!
  2. A two and a half called an aircrewman - Oh the shame.

    Best way round though, better the aircrewman operate the winch - Obs are, (were,) generally pretty shite, bouncing you off ships sides and generally causing the dope on the rope pain!!!!!:laughing2::tongue1:
  3. Looks like Sir might get his kid gloves and chinographs wet:-D:-D
  4. shark.jpg Like this one?
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  5. Nice one SARKING, I remember Harry Worth acting as a survivor during a wet doubles sortie in the mouth of the Helford. He was accosted by the local dolphin!!! Harry gave the swimmer in distress signal and suffered years of embarrassment at being a teensie bit fwightened by the nasty big fishy thing.

    It only wanted to play!!!!!!!
  6. Not THE Harry Worth?? :)) Only a basking shark, but tell everyone it was a great white:-D
  7. That's a cracking photo, SARKING.
  8. Thanks Soleil :)
  9. Could the guy in the photo see what was beneath him at the time?
  10. He could.You cant really see it, but he has a camera aswell.
  11. Yup! The Harry Worth or Harry the Bastard as he was known at Portland when he was POOW!! I was on the same BFT only Harry passed and I never!!!!! (Well, not that BFT anyway.)
  12. Ref SARKING's cracking picture, image being in that position and the pilot shouts "Torque split call NR," That would be engine failure to the non WAFU!!

    Cut the wire and dive away!!!!! Brave call.

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