Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by msralmjs, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, just a quick question:

    Fleetboard dates are over weekends through the year. Does anyone have an idea of when you haveto be there? i.e. the Friday night or Sat morning/a noon?

    Also is it still moving to BRNC?

  2. Best to get there the night before if you can. Saves a lot of stress if late no the Sat. Also you get beers with the board presidents, which was quite amusing in my case - sit there drinking with some nice chap, who turned out to be my 4 ring captain the next day!
  3. RNR fleetboards are always over weekends

    You should be told where you are going, if not ask (1st assessment for a JO). Speake to your JOTO as they should have all the dates and venues.

    good luck on yours 8) and chill out the night before, or get blotto and stink the board into submission with your beer breath :lol:
  4. RN Fleetboard moved to BRNC.
    RNR Fleetboard moved to CMR HQ, Whale Island.
    You don't seriously want to drag yourself to Dartmouth for a weekend, do you?
  5. Oh god no! I just wanted to check the logistics... we have a unit event that Friday I'm supposed to be involved with....! Fleetboard takes priority
  6. Msralmjs,

    Best of luck on the board. It's not as bad as people make out.

  7. If i was you drop the fleetboard until they make you do it.

    All that will happen is that they start giving you jobs and more jobs and all the fun has gone 8O

    Stay a JO that is the best time in the Navy :)
  8. almost right - should read JR ! :lol:
  9. No JO as you can get away with more sh**e and not get into trouble :D

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