Fleet Tenders - Wanted - Crew, Skippers, Engineers

Just seen the old post re RNXS and MVS

I thought you might like to know the MVS have recently started up a unit at Grimsby--on the MV Hambledon (Fleet Tender) berthed in Royal/ Alexandra Dock.

If you can walk unaided you are welcome as Crew /engineers/skippers etc etc and if you can't we will still help you to come onboard for a look around and a cup of tea; for more info and photos see this website www.islandofhope.co.uk/ my telephone number (01268 .....) if you want to talk

For your info -- I am not ex RN/RNXS/MVS so I am not into marine speak or abbreviations-- I can just manage Starboard is on the Right,,,er or is it on the left.. :angel12:

Thanks for reading this and I trust the Moderator will post to the right forum
Philip B

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