fleet review 2008


Lantern Swinger
I gather there is a five yearly fleet review going on at the moment in the RN. When are the outcomes/suggestions of the review due to be published? Or have they been published already? Does anyone know what issues are going to be discussed, apart from the ten year old one of women on subs? :nemo:
IB08 - I thought this was going to be about lining up a load of ships and was getting a little excited at the prospect. Disappointed now!!

Nothing heard about a review on paper but would have thought it was an ongoing evolution to review who we are, what we do and how we do it. Didn't that used to be called planning?

I have heard as lots of matelots use the Torpoint and Gosport ferries, they are to be included as part of the fleet.

This will keep the numb ers up when they get rid of another T23 or T22,

they will call them troop carriers(which is not a lie) and those high up who have not seen a ship for years and years will know no different.

:rofl: ^~

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