Fleet Command,688 Attack Sub and Sub Command

A warning for you hard core submarine gamers.A few years ago a group of gamers produced a major mod for SC called SCX.This imported a lot of new platforms but also allowed a lot more drivable submarines.The combined version called the NCP seems to be incompatible with this.You have been warned.!!
The problem seems to be about how the game has been updated.The original version was 1.0.The manufacturer upgraded it eventually to 1.08 and I believe that if you have an original version this update is still available.SCX woks well with this and a simplified install can be found at the subguru website.When SCS launched the NCP they tinkered with the games and whilst the NCP version is also meant to be 1.08 there has been compatibility problems.
SCS seem to have given up on gaming after the debacle of DW.The game engine is alleged to be based on military code and they will not allow any modding even though the game is a long way off being perfect.The only mod available is the lwami mod but you are still limited to playing the stock platforms.A new set of skins is being introduced to add to game realism,but it is still a long way off the SH series for being a total realism package.