Fleet Chaplain suggests Clergy should avoid criticising war


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Re: Fleet Chaplain suggests Clergy should avoid criticising

Quite right too. A military cleric's (regardless of religion) job is to provide spiritual comfort to those who want it. If they feel the need to talk politics publicly then they can resign and do so at their leisure.
Re: Fleet Chaplain suggests Clergy should avoid criticising

Well said the Fleet sin bosun. Regrettably, though, there are some individuals in the CoE who would be equally at home in any left wing or liberal political party of one's choice. They easily neglect that their boss (God's 2IC, as far as they're concerned) is also the Forces' boss.

Perhaps the rather nice chap from Canterbury should intervene.
angrydoc said:
The rather nice chap from Canterbury is so left wing he's practically off the page!
Not forgetting his wingman, the publicity seeking prick Sentamu, spends more time in make-up at YTV than Harry Gration.
I'd go to war with John Green, and I suspect many others of us would (or did in 2003).

The website promoting this statement:

... promotes post-Christendom approaches to social policy, nonviolence and conflict transformation, environmental action, the politics of forgiveness, economic sharing, support for migrants and displaced people, freedom of expression, restorative justice, a positive (relational) approach to sexuality, non-compulsion in religion and belief, the engagement of theology with science and culture, respectful engagement with those of other faith and non-religious convictions, and church as alternative community.


perhaps not that un-biased themselves.

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