Fleet Blockades London

After Oliver Cromwell died in September 1658, power devolved briefly to his son, Richard Cromwell. Richard's time as Lord Protector was short and he was forced out of power relatively quickly so Parliament resumed control. But not for long. The Army -or rather a junta of senior officers - arrogated power to themselves and began to rule with little reference to Parliament. Admiral Lawson took exception to this and with the fleet stopped traffic up and down the Thames, putting pressure on the Army. The tactic worked and the Army returned power to Parliament. Events up north, however, were about to take control of what happened, as Colonel Monck, who was in charge of the armed forces in Scotland and had the strongest force in the country, marched south. He eventually made a deal with Charles Stuart and so we got the Monarchy back. This is a wonderfully confused period of history, but I love the bit where the Fleet forces the Army to wind its neck in.

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