Fleet Air Arm wreaths in the Falklands

I was one of the lucky ones that went down this year, just back at 1745 minus suitcase left in Madrid with medal pressies etc. :crying:

What disappointed me was the fact that there were no wreaths from 800 / 801 / Culdrose there was one from Cmdre Palmer at Yeovilton, considering the importance of this year I expected to see one from the Naval Harrier Squadrons especially as I made the effort to go to Nick Taylors grave which still has part of the aircraft wreckage on it. I'll post a picture if/when my case shows up.


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I don't know for sure, but as the majority of aircraft were lost over the sea, it may well be the case that the NAS wreaths were laid at sea by the RN ships present this year.

Happy to stand corrected, but when all is said & done, they are very much not forgotten, nor ever will be, regardless of wreaths laid at the land-based memorials on the Islands.

Hope the trip went well for you, ghosts were laid to rest, & the bloody suitcase turns up! :thumright:


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I'd like to think Ninja is right, although 800/ 801 NAS as Naval Strike Wing have been in Afghanistan since the beginning of October and aren't due back until well after Christmas. Sad as it is it may well seem it could have slipped through the organisational net!

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