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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by judgejudy, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. I understand if you become an officer at 18 without a degree you enter RN as a midshipman and if you enter at 21 with degree you enter as sublieutenant,if i passed AIB and then was accepted as either observer/pilot and completed all of the training wich includes the foundation degree in military aviation would i enter as midshipman or sublieutenant?
  2. Your rank on entry is decided before you enter, your training will be completed AFTER you enter, the foundation degree in military aviation will therefore have no impact on this.
    Additionally, a foundation degree is NOT a full bachelors degree, so even if you were to somehow do it before you entered, you still would enter as a non-graduate.
  3. cheers!
  4. Doesn't matter what rank you may get you will still be a sprog. :binky:
  5. ha ha yea, was just wondering as it seems a massive pay difference between midshipman and sub
  6. Snotty first then upwards and onwards SIR :thumright: dont mention the pay its a CAREER :salut:
  7. ha ha do officers get on with ratings, never had an officer in my fam before, it will be like educating rita
  8. NOPE ratings get drunk and disordely Officers are said to be " in high spirits" Officers and their ladies / ratings and their women :thumright:
  9. do officers "get alot" off of the wrens?
  10. There are plenty of treads on that subject.

    What ever floats your boat (groan)

  11. Lets hope more than Officers get on with Soldiers!

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