Fleet air arm question :)


Why not have a look see, on the Prunne site re the RAF and Civvy prospects????
I spoke to the RAF lad today and the prospects are iffy. End of this year first intake but only taking the first 10 say that respond to email.

The RN recruiter says i can take the tests when ever im ready, and get in the system. I have 1.5 years left of school so i only have 1.5 years left to fill. My plan is to either get a full time job for that 1.5 years, Do some work experience relevant to FAA, or do as the Recruiter says and travel around the world abit.

Edit: Although i want to fly, my primary objective is to serve my country so im not interested in a civvy career. I am also interested in RM officer but i will have to up my fitness tenfold


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That will change after a couple of years sat in crew rooms waiting for a serviceable cab.
Hahahaha ive been wanting to join the forces since i was 6 *cue soppy music* so i really can't imagine doing a civvy job until i have served.

I've decided the Navy is the way to go so ill accept whatever short comings that may entail, because it seems like an organisation full of the highest calibre of people :)

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