Fleet air arm question :)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by T96a1, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    just wanting to ask about a pilot/observer scholarship with the navy. Unfortunately the .mod website was none too informative. Does anyone know whether they are still doing these atm and is the competition tough?

    I've enquired to RAF about aircrew and they seen to be full up, not sure about the Army Air Corps status but i like the sound of the fleet air arm more :) Correct me if im wrong but if we are pulling out of Afghan in 2014 i think a flying career in the RN is a better idea as there are deployments in the Caribbean and horn of Africa and near the Falklands. Can anyone tell me what Aircrew do on a ship while not flying are there secondary duties other than writing reports and the like?

    Will being an Air cadet have a positive or negative effect if i was to apply against someone who was a sea cadet

    thanks in advance :)
  2. Ah i see, are they not well liked then? :L Do they have the opportunity to do other useful things on board because im not keen on swaggering all day :)
  3. Frankly, no.
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  4. Ah i see, well do you know if they are still recruiting at all?
  5. You wil be flavour of the day when bringing the mail on board , and all wafus fish heads and bootys will love you to bits :angel7: Ps when not flying you will be steering the ship. As the skipper trust your judgement, more than that of the fish head Officers on board :laughing2:
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  6. My Bold.

    What do you mean 'bit' of sleep! A lot of sleep I hope. We WAFU's have a certain reputation to uphold and I would expect the orficer aircrew to maintain the finest traditions of the FAA.
  7. im fairly adept at sleeping (nearly P.H.D level) and pretty good at flying too so says my AEF instructors :D
  8. Does anyone know whether the pilot scholarships are open before i go to the AFCO because its not going to be cool wasting a journey into Aberdeen to be told to get on my bike, because im skint :L
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  9. Use the phone you skip-licking bellend.
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  10. If E.T can do it....
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  11. cheeeeeeeeeeeersss :L I am not with it this evening. Hopefully going to head in next week in person so ill give them a ring on monday
  12. You will need a sensible answer from two of our members who are career advisors also, Talking Baggage and Pontious are knowledgable on officery subjects.
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  13. No i was asking if they still do the scholarships otherwise there is no need for me to go to the recruiting office soon because im not old enough to join up at the moment. But if no one knows then i might aswell go in to pick up some info while im there. Never thought of phoning first though, which is stupidity on my part.

    I apologise for appearing like a mong, I was typing on my phone while i was on the train.
  14. Thank you :) I'll send them both a PM once i can form a coherent question
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do they not have telephones in your part of the world?
  16. Days of aircrew wandering around in their flightsuits are long gone, even in days past it used to be only between the briefing room and the flight deck, our mess used to have a coule of aircrewmen, who lounged about in their suits, mainly because they were on call. Don't forget we have no use for multiple flying suit clad swaggerers, for that you need a ship with multi aircraft, sometimes known as a carrier. We aint not got any and not likely to have any for the distant future. In your position hardly worth thinking about.
  17. Yes we do and yes they do.
  18. Lusty multi roled A/C...... is that a slip of the pen? Jimbo sure you don't me multi roled rotary winged A/C lol ps Handler is of course referring to a STRIKE CARRIER :angel7::-D Re aircrew
  19. Still carries multiple aircraft with bucket loads of aircrew mincing around in flying ovies which was the point.
  20. Kept all my. Flying gear in the locker in the hangar... Mess to hangar rig N8s.... and return to mess N8s Why would you want to go swanning around in your dry suit ,may west and 1man dinghy strapped to your Arse?????

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