Fleet air arm or Warfare?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jordwill91, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi i cannot make my mind up whether to join either the Fleet air arm or as a seaman for the warfare branch. If i was going to join the fleet air arm it would have to be an aircraft handler.

    Which one is better and easier to get in too?

  2. I've not really got the experiance to comment, but just as life advice I wouldn't go for the job that's easiest, I'd go for the one that you feel will be more rewarding and fulfilling in the long run.

    Just a thought.
  3. Fleet Air Arm handler will give you plenty of experience useful when you eventually leave the RN. Plenty jobs at civie airfields and firestations.
  4. As another member of RR has as his motto. Royal Navy by choice, FFA by ability.
  5. i went for fleet air arm as a air enginering technition cause wen i leave the navy i'd be leaving with a gd trade but its gunna be wat ever your happy with.
  6. Ye AET here too. AH is still good for comming out because you will get a job in civvie world easy with military training. What would you do after with seaman spec apart from the merch.
  7. What a wonderful world, can't even spell Technician and now you are one :toilet:
  8. If you go for seaman you don't get your own cliky bed. You have to stand around on freezing upperdecks during entering and leaving harbour and you don't have the cool kudos of standing on the flight deck having all the seaman staring at you wishing they were doing your job. Plus you get to play with a big red truck with flashing lights that goes nee naw down a mile of runway as fast as it possibly could go

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