Fleet Air Arm insignia for non aircrew??

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by amazed_wafu, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. I'm a WAFU maintainer currently shore based in one of our dockyards hence surrounded and out numbered by our fish head cousins. A policy that has recently been instigated by the sun dodging submariners here is the wearing of their dolphins on their white shirts (3a,3b) This it apparently to distinguish them apart from their poor relations the General Service. Now as i wear the same uniform but (thankfully) dont wear their little goldfish badge i am considered to be a member of the GS. As some may sympathise, this is a tad annoying! I'm FAA afterall!

    Now, as everyone knows (standfast submariners) the RN is made up of four fighting arms. The GS,RM, FAA and the Submarine service. It is only the FAA maintainers that when in NO's 1 and 3a's etc has no recognition of its branch to stand it apart from the GS.

    Now i appreciate that aircrew display wings etc on their No's 1 and that most probably they will scoff at the idea of the lowly maintainers having any sort of uniformed bond to the FAA. Yes i am aware that trade badges are on display on some uniforms but if you are an old school tiff there are no badges at all.

    My question to the floor is: Should FAA personnel (non aircrew) have some sort of insignia as part of their No's 1's, 3a etc to show they are a part of the FAA??
  2. As you very correctly state, the RN is made up of four fighting arms. Even my rudimentary maths worls out therefore that with green lids and dolphins it is not just the FAA maintainers who don't have distinguishing marks- you could say the same about the whole general service!

    Maybe the GS guys should have a badge to make it clear what they are and leave the FAA as the only arm wearing unadulterated naval uniform? No? Thought not. FFS there may well be 4 arms but we are all of one company and these juvenile little p*ssing competitions over who gets to wear the spangly hat demean us all equally.
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  3. You go ahead and push your cause amazed_wafu. General Service bods (at least in my time) have no desire for any brooch!
  4. Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
  5. So why are all the GS dripping like a septic tank about submariners wearing their dolphins?? It sounds like the bubble heads started the pissing contest! You all sound a bit bitter at the mo!

    Anyway this is a WOO forum so take a chill pill throbbers!
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I've always felt that a little gold pig with wings could look quite nifty!
  7. That sounds cool. I was thinking deck chair with wings....
  8. My sons got loads of badges. Cooking, camping, hobbies,.......

    If you want loads of badges join the same cub unit as him and you can have them all over your arm.

    Or you can have your quick tiff promotion and associated pay and perks and not have any badges. I know what i would prefer.
  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I was thinking of trying to symbolise WAFU - tits on a bull, chocolate fireguard, ashtray on a motorcycle, etc are all symbolic of the FU element, while we could add droplets of water to symbolise the W part (NB this could also be used to highlight certain WAFUs tendency to drip at any and every opportunity!). :w00t:

    <semi-serious mode=on>

    Given the relatively recent move to remove the distinction between RN and RNR to promote a "one navy" ethos, wouldn't singling out WAFUs for a special distinctive brooch be counter to this?
  10. Am i missing the point here? Isn`t that what the trade badge is for? Everyone also knew who a tiff was, where will it all end? Chockheads with a Chock, Bombheads with a bomb? The list is endless, Chefs with a frying pan? see what you`ve started?
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Hig..... shhhhhhh! I'm in the process of setting up a new company: Gold plated plastic badges R us!
  12. The fleet air arm dos not need any badges or siilly trinkets as per the upper deck, but can we please have our uniform back from RNAS days, in 1918 when the air force was formed all air ratings and pilots either left the naval air service or went into the air force. The navy then gave our uniform to stewards, cooks, writers, stores and tiffs. They are now back in naval costume, so can we please have it back.
  13. My Branch badge had all I needed, an Aircraft with a letter underneath it. In my case an "H". (The Aircraft denoted FAA) duh!
    No need for anything else.
  14. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    In the ivory towers of 2SL the concept of badges was looked at a few years ago. I am not wholly sure what drove the decision to wear dolphins but I have no issue with it.

    Last time it was investigated they even looked at some form of badge to identify PWO's AWO's, Command Qualified personnel, GS badges (akin to the US badge) - all smacked a bit of the cubs........

    I just fail to see the need.
  15. Always thought you Wafus were easily identified by the icecream stains down the front of your No1s & the six fingers on each hand.
  16. Read the information up there roofrat. It clearly states the issue of trade badges, this is about the 3a uniform (white shirt) which the submariners have adopted. Duh can tell you're a chock head.....
  17. Stokers identifying badge will be a roll of black maskers as no other bastard is allowed any. It's mine i tell you!!!!!!! :thumright: :thumright:
  18. This whole quest for badges/regalia seems to have the aroma of "americanisation", a word I might have just made up!
    Was at Fleet week in New York with a couple of PO's and a Lt, walking down the street in the opposite direction were a couple of yank chicks "hey, those guys are rookies"
    WTF love, just because we don't plaster our uniform in badges and ribbons like walking Christmas trees!
  19. As killick I had my little airplane with stars and letters AE.As a POAF I still had my little airplane with Crown above and AE below.A a CAF I had more bling on my collars than a film stars star spangled pooch. My buddy was an CPO Aircraft Mech with nothing to show that he wasn't a Tiffy but we knew no better back in the 60's and. 70's Don't really see that it mattered much.As for submariners we hunted them for practice on 820 & 824 with our angry palm trees.
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  20. Don't you just love a thread resurrection :)

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