Fleet Air Arm in Trinidad during WW2

Chris P

War Hero
I hope I didn't say he wasn't entitled to them. if I gave that impression then I'm most sorry. Of course it is 28 days Typing in a moving car I'm afraid. I'm jumping to conclusions that the two medal ribbons he's wearing are the 1939/45 star and the defence medal. They are the two I connect for those who didn't serve in a theatre of war but did serve overseas.
Hope you're not driving, the coppers;) will take a very dim view of that..
My father, John Sampson, was at HMS Goshawk for two years until 1943
He is now 92 and lives with us in the UK!
If asked he talks a little about his time there.
He was the engineer in charge of servicing the planes for 750 squadron which trained navigators. They were very old Albatross planes - twin winged.
In this picture he is at the top right

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If anyone has any questions I can ask him - though his memory is not so good these days

Andrew Sampson
Hello Andrew
Sorry this is quite a long time after your post your father may have known my father RON THORNE, He (Ron)arrived Trinidad toward the end of 1940 and became and aircraft mechanic -giving a trade for the rest of his working life, he passed away in 2017 at age of 100

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