Fleet Air Arm Centenary

Discussion in 'History' started by bubblyrat, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. As I have already mentioned in a reply on this site , I was in the Royal Guard for HRH Prince Philip at Yeovilton in 1964 , that occasion being the 50th Anniversary of the FAA , the RNAS having been formed in 1914. Ergo ,next year must surely be regarded as the Centenary of the FAA ?? However ,I have been unable to elicit any information from anyone regarding this auspicious anniversary. I really enjoyed the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in 2009 , and would love to go again , or at least be invited to Yeovilton along with other 1964 "survivors " !!
  2. FLEET AIR ARM DISPLAY - British Pathé Fairey Swordfish (pilot, Rear Admiral P. D. Gick; observer, Rear Admiral H. R.Janvrin; telegraphist/air gunner, Lt Cdr C. Topliss).
    Wasps of 829 Sqn (Lt Cdr K. Mitchell) and 771 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. R. J. Rutherford).
    12 Wessexes of 819 Sqn (Lt Cdr P. J. Lynn), 706 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. E. Kelly), 737 Sqn
    (Lt Cdr R. Leonard) and 829 Sqn.
    Gannets of 849 Sqn (Lt Cdr W. H. Barnard) and 831 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. G. Grindle).
    12 Hunters of 738 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. W. Beard) and 759 Sqn (LtCdrA. H. Milnes).
    12 Scimitars of 803 Sqn (Lt Cdr P. G. Newman) and 736 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. Worth).
    12 Sea Vixens of 899 Sqn (Cdr D. C. Matthews), 890 Sqn (Lt Cdr R. G. M.Campbell)
    and 766 Sqn (Lt Cdr G. P. Carne).
    12 Buccaneers of 800 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. C. Mather) and 809 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. F. H. C. De Winton)
  3. I was there

    The Fleet Air Arm celebrated two centenaries while I was serving - 50th Yeovilton and 75 Daedalus.
    I have researched into the formation of the Fleet Air Arm (formerly Royal Naval Air Service).

    The Fleet Air Arm celebrates its 100th birthday on 1st July 2014 - I am endeavouring to find out what the Royal Navy is going to organise.

    I am an Associate member of RNAS Yeovilton and so far I have drawn a blank.
  4. Come again?
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  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    WALHEN, how long is a centenary in your world?
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  6. Bout 25 years from the look of it.... Or just variable?

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  7. It will be too embarrassing with only a few helicopters and the historic flight. Maybe we should get a few F35s painted in RN colours for a fly past? Fly Navy 100 wasn't that good, however the wadworths 6x with Pussers was nice!

    Standby to see how the 100 year experiment do it in 2018.
  8. Phew, glad it wasn't just me then!!!
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be fair to WALHEN, HM The Boss dished out gongs marking the 25th, 50th & 60th anniversary of the coronation (OK, not centenary), so anything goes as long as there is a mainbrace spliced, in my book.

    Burp, Cheers.
  10. They could issue all the wafus with a set of wings, so they can be like the submariner boy scouts!!! :)
  11. Problem child!!!!!:compress:

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