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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Skully, May 29, 2009.

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  1. hey, got my interview on the 17th of june. Was just worrying over my flat feet! The ol' doc says i got low arches but they do not affect my physical being in the slightest. Although i have been told from many sources that they will not be a problem when joining i would like an inside perspective??? They cause me no pain or discomfort and are only minor low arches but will i get in?
  2. Nothing to worry about, the decks are flat so they will match.
  3. Carriers were built specially for that condition :wink:
  4. Location: Leeds student medical practice

    Doc: Ah, you've got pretty flat feet
    Me: Aye, I suppose I have
    Doc: Not to worry, take your boxers off

    Somehow, I don't think flat feet are a bar to entry :lol:
  5. haha you serious? :p
  6. Aye, he told me to take my shoes, socks and jeans off then made me do some funny walks and the like.
    "Squat, walk to the other side of the room"
    "Squat, raise one leg and stand come back up on one"
    "do 5 press ups"

    All that jazz.

    Then he happened to notice my feet as he was checking out my skin graft.
  7. cheers man so not a problem at all?
  8. As far as my experience goes, flat feet weren't a problem. Wait for someone to confirm, though. :thumright:
  9. thankyou mate put my mind at ease for a while
  10. No worries, hope everything turns out ok for you :)
  11. I don't think they're really gonna give a toss mate to be honest, if it doesn't cause you a problem then they're not bothered.

    I wear insoles because I've got slightly collapsed arches and the mob sends me to get measured up for new ones when I need them, so don't feel you need to keep it a secret.

    I think the days of barring entry because of flat feet are well gone, unless I suppose you've got feet like a penguin!

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