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Flat feet


I have just found out I have flat feet and I have just applied to join the Royal Navy. My feet have never caused me any problems and I have never worn any special insoles. I have never visited the doctor in relation to my flat feet which were diagnosed in a school medical when I was 6. My parents never mentioned it as it has never been an issue. I know this question has been asked before but other people have had pain or orthopaedic insoles. As I have to fly to the UK for my medical, I would really appreciate any information anyone can give me. I have no problem running or walking.


War Hero
Flat feet, fallen arches, etc are not a problem.

The only issue is if the individual's medical history indicates there have been injuries such as "shin splints", stress fractures or a requirement for prescribed orthotics.

My tip; Pevention is better than cure. Use decent, proper running training not the hugely expensive and utterly useless fashion shoes you see in large discount "sports" outlets. If in doubt, avoid brands like Nike who do good and terrible. Asics are usually reliable. If you need insoles, get over the counter ones such as sorbathane.

Good luck.


Thanks Ninja_Stoker.
As I said, I have no issues. I’ve always worn regular shoes. Should I wear insoles???

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