Flat feet causing tight hamstrings, could this cause problems with my medical?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Pugwash., Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. I have used the search function and I am aware that having flat feet alone is not a bar to entry. However, I was not aware I had flat feet until I was told in my Navy medical and when asked if they caused any problems I said no. Recently though I have been getting hamstring injuries from tight hamstrings, and I am starting to wonder if that is because I have flat feet. I have been considering going to the doctors but I am concerned if it turns out my flat feet are causing my hamstring tightness it could bar me from entry when I ring AFCO to update them on my medical status? Am I going to risk my entry to service by going to the doctors about my flat feet? Should I just ignore the problem for now?
  2. I'm not a doc but I would suggest if you're having muscular/hamstring snags, you might want to work on your stretches and flexibility a bit.

    Youtube some yoga stretches specifically for hamstrings and do those every morning, likewise before and after you go for a run, make sure you really stretch out your hamstrings, more so than you normally would. This vid has some yoga stretches that are good for hamstrings.

    Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga Class 20 Minutes - YouTube

    I used to always get tightness in my calfs after a bit of strenuous phyz. No matter how much I stretched them out using the normal calf stretch taught by RN PTIs, I'd still be hobbling about like an old man the next day. 20 mins of yoga every morning and a slightly different way of stretching and the snags are completely gone.
  3. Thanks I'll give that a go I've always been very inflexible and have been stretching the last couple of years but have not seen a great deal of improvement I'll give the above a try.
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  4. Unlikely. You need a physiotherapist's assessment though. Via your GP or if you're a gym member they usually have an affiliated one.

    You should be more concerned about your health than your career. Avoiding seeking medical attention because it may affect your employment is very stupid and would be looked on very poorly if it was ever investigated.
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  5. Try correct running shoes or inner soles with support to your foot type. This might just be a temporary solution though, I know you are issued standard footwear for training but maybe somebody can tell you whether you can use inner soles during basic training or not?
  6. It doesn't cause any real problems just causes the odd sports injury which may not even be due to having flat feet.... I made it this long without even being aware I had flat feet. I'll take your advice though and book an appointment at the doctors tomorrow its been playing on my mind all week. At what point do I need to update AFCO? Now / after seeing the GP / after getting a physiotherapists assessment (should I need one)?
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  7. Admittedly it was 27 years ago,but I was diagnosed with flat feet at my medical for the RN.I went away,joined the TA,stood so my arches showed and passed that medical,went to a specialist doctor to get more info about flat feet,did TA basic and every exercise I could carrying webbing rifle radio etc then went back to the RN and said look no problem and then served in the RN for 22 years,you have to want it enough!
  8. I used to have really tight hamstrings, I went to physiotherapy to see what the problem was, and it was my flexibility, so I went away and used different stretching techniques to loosen them and it worked.

    Also as mentioned by 2DD yoga is amazing for this type of stuff, I go to yoga twice a week and I have no problem with my hamstrings or their flexibility anymore.

    You say that "It doesn't cause any problems, just the odd sports injury" who's to say that your next "sports injury" could spoil your chances of going into the navy, its better to get the problem sorted then to sit around waiting until it gets worse.
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