FLASH - Half Fleet to be Mothballed

It was in the Times last week that all the BIII T22s and the remaining BII T42s are going into "Extended readiness" (read "mothballs to pay for the RAF's 5 * hotels"). We are a truly truly bankrupt organisation, working for spin-obsessed a***holes.

What will be the reaction of the Navy Board to this? Mass resignation? Or a shrug and a sigh, like the rest of us? Will the last British matelot please turn the lights off when he leaves.


Lantern Swinger
Now, as has been pointed out before, the RN has been in tight spots budget wise in the past, but is this something the surface fleet can ever conceivably recover from?

What government or current political party is seriously going to advocate increasing defence spending? It doesn't win votes any more, so I'm guessing none. I really do think this is the end for the Armed Forces as we know them and I say that with no sense of drama and great, heart-aching sadness.


War Hero
There is a leading article in today's Daily Telegraph - 4 x Type 22 and two type 42s to be mothballed............
Take advantage of your education options and look to the future as a civvy. The ship is sinking, a once proud navy reduced to little more than a token force. Pathetic and sad. They will only learn when it is too late.
Fast approaching bucket kicking time I can only look upon this latest news with sadness and think that todays and any future Sailors will not enjoy the life I had.

With bases in Plymouth, Portsmouth, Chatham, Rothsyth, Faslane, Londonderry, Halifax NS, Sydney, Singapore, Trincomalee, Aden, Malta Gibraltar and Simmonstown. Plus many other facilities scattered around the world. Fleets in home and Far East waters, together with squadrons in the Med. South Atlantic, West Indies it really was "Join the Navy and see the World".

As sailors we we really were the blessed generation.



War Hero
We are in great danger of ending up like the Israeli's, ie: take a great war winning machine. Then spend all your time and resouces fighting occupation war. Then try to fight a real war. Then get your ass kicked.


Lantern Swinger
Trouble is that the RN has done a P155 poor job of convincing the politicians, the treasury and the general population of the utility of the Navy at a time when we are fighting 2 major land campaigns. I also understand that the current hierarchy dismissed the opportunity to take over the afloat functions of the Customes & Excise and refused to make a case for the RN to take over responsibility for all coastal marine constabulary functions, arguing that this did not fit with the requirement to be a blue water navy and project power abroad. Hmmm, well I'm afraid that if we had coastal patrol and constabulary functions - and could deliver a recognised maritime picture for the UKs coastal waters - we may at least be able to make a case that we had a role to play in the face of the (perceived) terrorist threat and could maintain a public profile that, at the moment, may be seen as being more relevant than Type 45s to the man in the street. Having such a profile may even make the case for the T45 etc a bit easier.