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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by decky, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    First posting here, so to jump in:

    Has any ex RN service personnel out there worked for Flagship Training? I can understand they are the source of ridicule to serving RN members as they are taking up all the shoreside posts, but there is a lot of Ex RN out there that now
    work for them, so looking on the other side of the fence in this afterlife forum.

    1, What are they like to work for ?

    2, Apart from maybe shoddy management in part, which seems to come through clearly on this site what other bad points do they have?

    3, What good points do they have? or is this a silly Q.

    4, There pay scales for jobs offered seem quite large ie about 7k depending on experience in some cases, do they look at what ex serving members may be drawing in there RN pension? in response to what they offer.

    5, Are they taking over the RN training shoreside or are they losing jobs at the moment ?

    cheers any comments appreciated!
  2. I'm still serving and haven't actually worked with Flagship (my training staff days were a while ago), but I do have some insights.

    The pay is pretty low, they appear to base offers on the assumption that a service leaver is pensionable so already has some form of income. From a personal perspective I don't think that makes an attractive offer. Any independent income you have is not your employers concern, since that's part of the package for the time you've served, not what you do now.

    Well they're not part of the Metrix consortium (here) that has just won the Defence Training Contract, so I guess that makes their future questionable.
  3. They reckon they don't take your pension into consideration - so they say.

    Don't know if you've noticed but they never state the salary when you see any adverts for jobs.
  4. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I'm in agreement with Karma on the pay issue. I know a few guys coming up to the end of their 22 years and they've looked into the possibility of working with FSL. All of them have had it put across to them that FSL take into consideration your pension when it comes to pay which I find totally wrong. So do they hence they're looking at employment offers elsewhere. This seems to be a recurring problem with FSL though.
  5. Dogwatch - re salaries I looked through a list of their jobs a couple of months ago and every one of several dozen had a listed salary range. Wish I hadn't binned it now!
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    It very much depends what you want to teach, a lot of these jobs rely on recent service experience and as Karma notes they set their pay expecting ex-senior rates with pensions. The more qualified you are the more pay you obviously expect, if you are experienced but only have service instructor quals expect mid band pay, never start on their bottom band pay, everything is negotiable.

    Personally I would look further afield, depending on your expertise look at companies like BAe, Rolls Royce etc who pay a much better wage to their instructors but obviously expect more. Current moves in this sector mean that a CertEd or other level 4 Qual will be the minimum required to teach anything, no exemption for Service Instructors either which is why the full DIT course now awards BTEC level 4 qual in Instructing (note not teaching), and you must be working toward a level 5(degree) qual in both teaching and your subject area. If you can get support from your employer to gain these all the better, if like me you are already qualified to that level you are going to hit much much better pay. One of the instructors who worked for me went outside just over a year ago and is earning £45000 in training design for a company listed above, just offered me a job doing similar, I turned him down, must be MAD :shock:
  7. That's pretty normal with a lot of companies, even those not employing ex service people. Gives them more chance of getting some one cheap.
  8. Making assumptions on pensions is common amongst those who regularly employ ex service people, unless their pay scales are already around minimum wage like the security industry.(never really understood the logic of paying those who are supposed to protect your property peanuts, but that is the way it is). Some companies do pay the going rate some will try toget ex service for less, it's business.
  9. thanks 4 all the advice, the job interview hasnt really shown itself yet so think our stick with my current employment. I agree with the pension comments cheers
  10. From what i can gather the only plus side to working for flagship is. you are a civilian doing a job you could have done shore side in the navy a few years.
    This is what seems to attract people to the job. It deffinatly isnt the wage.
  11. But if you got a job working for them and that job transferred to Metrix under the DTR contract then you would probably be entitled to TUPE transfer to Metrix or, Metrix would have to make you redundant.
  12. I went for an interview for them (actually 1 phone and 2 face to face) but was beaten by an internal cadidate. Turned out to be the best thing that could have happened - just got a similar job for 14 grand more than they were offering on the other side of the Tamar!!! There must be loads of ex RN working there though as many of the jobs are so specialised (ie River staff, system instructors etc) . Been a strawberry for 3 weeks now and it's great, especially with the grat in the bank :wink:

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