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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by buggerit84, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. When I was at my AIB a couple of weeks ago, one of the chaps on my board (who's currently UAS, but he is a nice guy really!) told me something interesting and I was wondering if it's true.

    To pass for fixed wing/fast jet training you need an average grade of 4 out of 6, but for single seaters, ie harriers, you need a grade of 5. Apparently if an RN pilot gets 4 on hawks so still qualifies for fixed wing but not single seaters, they're sent off to the crabs to fly tonkas for a couple of years and then goes back to see if they can get a 5. Is this true or is he yanking my crank?
  2. To an extent it is true. It has happened, and may well happen again.
  3. Dont worry the way maritime aviation is going the crabs will have all the fixed wing and the FAA will be long gone. :money:

    Compulsory euthanasia of the RAF is called for i say :thumright:
  4. From what I've heard though crabs don't like moving runways and not having their feet on terra firma when out of the cockpit so hopefully not! Besides, everyone knows navy pilots are better! :p
  5. You were obviously not serving on Buccaneers in the 70s. We had many crab pilots and navigators on 809 squadron, no worse or better than their RN equivalents.
  6. They are looking for single seat recommend from the word go, they won't send you fixed wing if you are just making the grade at a crab level. Roughly, 12 go fixed wing a year and about 5 will make it all the way to front line. It used to be true about the tonkas a few years ago but they have stopped doing it as we (RN) had to buy the places with the crabs. A few people did it but it wasn't totally succesful.
  7. Thanks, did think it a little odd that you are sent off to improve on single seaters by flying 2 seaters...... Besides, I've met RAF fast jet pilots, ghastly bunch for the most part!

    How do you tell if there's a tornado pilot in the room? :p
  8. He'll tell you every 5 seconds.
  9. :whew:
  10. Some harrier pilots (navy) who fail the course are sent on to other squadrons of fixed wing jets -so it does happen
  11. According to Navy bumf, and the guys I know who've been in the pipeline, the piltos that don't make the fast jet grade get sent back to rotary as opposed to losing a pilot from the RN stream?
  12. Saw that on the site as well. How does it work? Do you have to do some pestering after flying rotary for a while (how long?) or are you talent spotted and suggested for training?

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