Fixed wing pilot training

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by dollygee, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. I watched recently on french TV a programme on the selection and training of french navy fighter pilots.
    After basic flight training in Brittany, the course survivors go to the US navy for their fast jet training, including deck landings, before they get their wings.
    I wonder if we ever will need to borrow deck landing practice time from a foriegn navy, if we ever get a conventional carrier??
  2. FAA already has pilots out in the US gaining deck currency on cat 'n trap carriers, flying F/A-18's. So yes, basically.

    We also have some flying V22's I believe. I'd you want a better answer I'd suggest heading over to the forums and asking there, lots of aviation types hanging about :)
  3. Very nice WD but you have :oops: :oops: missed out the need for flight deck trained cat/wire crew that will be needed, and was lost in the FAA in the early 70s. No "Jockeys " are getting airborne/recovery with out Badgers, Chockheads,and FDOs Who can do the Bizz :wink: :wink:
  4. Someone on 'another' forum said FD crews would/would not train with the yanks depending on what they finally decide will be fitted to QE/POW.
  5. Mate, they're not 'gaining deck currency', they're on exchange tours and, as such, will train the way their host nations train. There have been several exchange tours where the guys didn't get to experience everything on offer. For instance, one of our guys on an F18 exchange (when the Yanks lived at Cecil Field) didn't get to go to the boat because his squadron didn't 'float' the whole time he was there. On the other hand, others have been lucky enough to be around when their squadrons worked up, so got to carrier 'qual'. Others flew proper aircraft where you don't need to have bits of string across the arse end to stop you :D .

    Returning to the original question; I would suggest it would be unecessary to use foreign decks to work up for the arrival of a CV. Launching is never a problem, even if using a cat shot. The only tricky bit is getting back on the moving airfield and the RN's new toys will be doing just what they do now i.e. stopping, then landing. There's no need to go to foreign lands/foreign boats to practice that stuff. Add to that modern simulators and dummy decks and it makes the old way of doing things look very unecessary.
  6. Cheer Pontius, I was mis-informed. The person responsible has now been shot. Well. Also informed :p
  7. I think you may find that the original questioner was referring to ground crew training.
    Do you pilots really think that a fixed wind carriers deck runs by magic? :(
    Without the skills of Badgers, Handlers and many others your aircraft isgoing nowhere.
  8. Sorry Slim, I read

    a programme on the selection and training of [b]french navy fighter pilots[/b].
    After basic flight training in Brittany, the course survivors go to the US navy for their [b]fast jet training, including deck landings[/b], before they get their wings.
    I wonder if we ever will need to borrow [b]deck landing practice[/b] time from a foriegn navy[quote]
    as being a question directed towards the drivers. I am very aware of the essential roles played by ALL personnel in getting aircraft off and back on 'Mother' and appreciate all have to be trained. However, I believe that just as the aircrew can train using synthetic devices e.g. simulators, then so can the boys and girls dressed in yellow, using dummy decks etc and really no need to go to sea on a foreign CV to see what goes on.
    Loved that photo and very glad I never had to do anything of the sort. I blame it all on the Whirlwind......because it's got whirly wings and therefore is responsible for all things bad, including aircraft crashes, world hunger and poverty  :)
  11. That didn't happen to you, did it, Scouse?
  12. Course not, Scouse used to be a Pinky before he sold his birthright. He would have been down the mess playing uckers or phoning his bookie is his hero Lster was riding. Failing that he wouls have been first in the line for an early chop (I would have been second) :p
  13. Slim is quiet correct Sol but their are loads of Chockheads who did. and one who wasnt so lucky PM to follow :cry: :wink: But i can vouch for being in the scrambling nets at Flying stations loads of times on F47 HMS Danae only 15 ft above the Oggin :lol: :lol:

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