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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by chrisjf84, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. I start training on the 19th Sep and all going well should be heading to HMS Sultan in Nov to start AET training, on completion of this will I get the choice of what aircraft I would like to work with?

    as I would prefer to work with harrier but it appears to be getting phased out and replaced, what happens to that skill set?

    Thanks in advance
  2. You will get to express a preference and voice any points that you feel are helpful ie family live in cottesmore ect.
    Harrier drafts are the least common from sultan. Also i wouldn't bank on being at sultan in november, you may have holdover at Raleigh where you will do odd jobs around the base and local community until a course is available at sultan.
  3. Thanks for the quick response, when does the AET course start? the sound of hanging about HMS Raleigh does not sound the best (then again it might be great I have never been there) is there any reason why Harrier is the least common draft?
  4. Because they don't need as many engineers I imagine. Also, a chief told us in week 1 that if you go Harrier you're not likely to ever get off of fixed wing because you'll be the "experts" on the F35 and needed to train new engineers etc.
  5. Zoidberg you seen to be of somewhat a legend amongst these forums I am honoured you replied to my post, I wouldnt mind staying on fixed wing as thats what I would hopefully pursue after RN life, if its down to numbers then I am more than happy to be sent anywhere just do what I am told
  6. I think there are new entries every fortnight, i had a two week wait about 18 months ago, waiting lists have dramatically increased since then. You will have the opportunity to do many adventurous training activities such as paragliding, parachuting ect...

    I work on merlins, and wanted to go onto harriers from the beginning, the truth is you will end up liking whatever A/c you get. Unless you get merlin, (italian shit!).
    Try not to get bogged down in trying to plot your path, drafty will choose your fate, you have a very long way to go before it becomes relevant.
    Also, you may find it helpful to read up a bit on theory of flight ( both fixed wing and rotary), jet engine theory ect...
  7. Thanks, like you say smeeg I will enjoy any A/C I will be working with, I do have a lot reading to do as I have no GCSE's also I am 26 so been out of the education loop for awhile, can you recommend some relevant books? I would be quite keen to work in Afghan is there any advice on who does what? (I know locations but quite vague on other aspects)

    Thanks again
  8. Afghan would be Harriers and Commando Helicopter Force. Are there any Merlins there at the moment, anyone?
  9. I think Harriers are off Afghan for good now, CHF, and sea king MK7's at Culdrose are currently operating i believe.. Merlin mk 3's are there and are currently operated by the royal mustache force. They are due to be handed over to the RN after being "navalised"..

    Just nip into your local library or wikipedia jet engine theory. Suck squeeze bang blow ;)

    There really is almost no maths involved at AB level, however the course is mentally challenging. Apply yourself and you will be fine. Concentrate on passing out of raleigh first...
  10. You say now.

    Wait a few years and see what the future brings!

    Wife - kids.

    Pissed off with sea time/time away from home.

    Constantly told what to do.

    Lack of promotion prospects.

    Not wanting to paint a black picture but the above a but a few of the obstacles that can put people off.

    I remember in my deep dark past a want for the fixed wing route. (Pre - Harrier). I was posted/drafted to Helicopters. We play with whatever cards are dealt us. Just make sure you keep a positive attitude whichever route is offered. They are all good. They all have a job to do.
  11. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Come on Zoidberg, keep up to date, the bags have been out there for more than a year now.

  12. Cheers waspie great advice, for the time being I am just focusing on my short term goals ie getting to HMS Raleigh and completing the course, I know the usual life hurdles will throw me of course the only thing I can do at the moment is take each day as it comes, as is stands I am away to pursue a 22 year contract with the RN, on the other note what is the bags? another question I have are the FAA Merlins in Afghan at the moment?

    Cheers Folks
  13. Good luck chris, sounds like you know what you want.

    Sod the obstacles, you just go for it and enjoy it, (even the bad times are good)!!!!!!! :? :?
  14. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    The Bags are Seaking Mk7 ASaC, so named due to the inflatable radome hanging out of the cargo door.

    RN Mk1 Merlins are not in Afghan at the moment, only the RAF Mk3.

  15. Brilliant info

    Thanks very much
  16. You'll be very lucky to get fixed wing at the moment, there is an excess of engineers up here at the moment, 801 and IV have been binned.

    But saying that by the time you've passed out from Sultan, drafty will probably got rid of all the excess and will be desperate again ;).

    Don't dispare, when you put your draft preferences in, put what you want down, and you may just get it.

    I've done seakings, SHARs and plastic Harriers, and now want to go on merlins! Their are all boys toys, and have good and bad points. The harrier is in service until 2018 (until the SDSR changes that), then if you want to remain fixed wing you would be looking at JCA (or it's SDSR replacement) which should be based at Lossiemouth in Scotland (until the SDSR changes that).

    Once on the squadron just volunteer for everything and get on some detatchments, you'll have great fun, it's what its all about.

    Good luck
  17. Cheers Piran, there's still hope yet!!!
  18. Go fixed wing, and hope you get drafted to Lossiemouth..... long way from home, but best people in the world, live there :wink: :wink: ... and you will be heart broken when you have to leave Morayshire for a flat top :cry: ps Wafus never volunteer for anything full stop :roll:
  19. I've just started my AET course at Sultan, if you count sitting on your arse watching telly as working ;) We've been told no-one will get a harrier draft because they take like 2 people per year. The course is changing for AETs at the end of the month aswell so it's more practical. Had 1 exam, next is ops & movement, fun times...

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