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Fixed Wing dinner 31st October 2009


War Hero
Contents of an email I received today
Should be a good night though I will have to miss it

Good Day All,

This is to advise you all, (and please spread the word) that the Sea Harrier Association, with a bit of help from the FAABA have organised a FN100 Fixed Wing Dinner on the 31st October 2009 at the WO & SR Mess RNAS Yeovilton commencing 7.30pm. This is open to anyone who has served, in any capacity, on a FAA fixed wing squadron since 1909!

Tickets are £20 per person and each qualifying person can take one guest. There will be a seated fork buffet and a guest speaker before the evening degenerates into a frenzied disco for the more athletic (of us). There will be the mandatory "Up Spirits" to kick start the evening, there will be NO mismusters so 7.30 is prompt. Strict Dress Code for men is lounge suits or association blazer and tie please, Ladies smart evening wear. All members are asked to ensure their guests dress appropriately for the evening.

I have attached an application form which can also be downloaded from either the SHAR or FAABA websites. Any profits from the evening will be donated to the FNHT and St Bartholomews Church. During the evening Bottle No. 1 of the 25 year old FN100 Centenary Malt whisky will be auctioned off and all profits shared between the three chosen charities of the project.

I trust to see as many of you as possible.

Dave Clark

Secretary FAABA

Founder member of the Fly Navy Federation
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