Five TV: Tue 12 May 09 @ 2000 "Helicopter Warfare"


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Documentary series examining historic helicopter operations.

This instalment recounts the first mission of the Falklands War. As SAS soldiers attempted to capture an Argentinian base on South Georgia island, their helicopters became trapped in a blizzard and the pilots were forced to fly blind in perilous whiteout conditions. Alongside reconstructions and archive footage, the film features interviews with key Royal Navy airmen involved in the daring expedition.
The flight obs, sure Ive seen him before as a Talking Head on another naval documentary, although pretty sure he was a Commodore. Unusually for five, this was a very good program. Top blokes those aircrew.
I spent a week ashore in Leith, S. Georgia some weeks after these events. Someone had decided that the Argie bulldozers would come in handy for Percy over in Grytviken, only nobody had actually considered how they would get there, there being not much in the way of roads.
The conditions at night were horrendous, and we were safely tucked up with pot belly stoves at melting point. These guys flying around and spending nights in the open........., well, words fail me.
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soleil said:
Tonight's episode - Afghanistan - on now.
Something to watch tonight on Demand Five.

She can watch her CTV, (Crap TeliVision), and I'll be in front of the PC.

Knew a few of the blokes on the Falklands episode, the crewie 'Fitz' Mike Tidd and Ian Georgeson the Wessex 5 pilots. The Huey episode was excellent too. Looking forward to the latest.
Bisley said:
watched it last night with 847 Sqdn in Iraq 2003. Not bad viewing, better than that Warzone drivel of RAF crap
I enjoyed the prog. Didn't appreciate what 847 got up to. Wouldn't have minded having a go with a TOW!!! Looks as much fun as the old AS12's but with a faster attack platform. :twisted:


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witsend said:
Got to love some of the names in the US. Spanky, Randy and Gunner. Rednecks & Nascar rocks.
Still remember a section from Lt. Cdr. Newton's book about serving with 847 in Iraq about a group of US pilots paying them a visit. The Septics come rolling in in a massive great humvee, "We are the Champions" blaring out of a Ghetto Blaster, and introduce themselves as Maverick, Hitman, Deadeye etc... they then get greeted by one of our lot wandering over in his gro-bag and saying "Alright, I'm Scooby and this is Hovis... fancy a cup of tea?"
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