Five arrested at naval peace demo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wompingwillow, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. glad to see that Britain is still a nation of people who have enough spine to stand up for what they believe in even when i dont agree with them... more power to freedom of speech
  2. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    And the whole point of this pointless demo was???
  3. scotland suffers from limited sunlight at this time of year, prob just bored on a rainy saturday
  4. A free breakfast and a bed for the night??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. yeah, because you know, it's the navy that decides whether it has nuclear bombs or not. Not the government or anything.
  6. Because the tossers have nothing better to do , ********* the lot of them , :twisted: :evil:
  7. Is the 'peace camp' still sitting outside Faslane, these tossers ruined many a quiet duty weekend for me, (you can't play cards when your walking around the fence)
  8. Last time I was up there was June, and the camp was still there. I hadn't seen it before and, to be honest, I missed it on the first drive past! There's a bit of grafitti on the road and some crappy looking caravans and tents at the side, but the whole thing looked like a blow-back to 1960s Woodstock-esque living.

    I wonder how many benefits they claim from the Government they seemingly hate so much?
  9. Would of been nice if they had campaigned for Peace in Northern Ireland

    for a number of years instead, soft bastards, they know the Navy won`t

    harm them, the IRA,UVF etc would not take so kindly to there protests.
  10. They've been there for decades. Just an excuse to avoid making a real contribution to society if you ask me.

  11. Nothing changed in the last 11 years then. One of their bint's tricks was to try and trap jack when he was ashore and 'convert' him.
  12. "Convert" a submariner???
  13. when i was there one of the tramps kids was bitten by a rat & asked for help which was given by the duty MA when questioned the rat was "the kids pet" yeah right

    They broke in on day & our boss (fire station) said could we turn the fire hose on them unfortuneatly we couldn't.
  14. It was'nt only sun dodgers at Faslane! Drafty in its infinate wisdom realise that they neaded some General Service types (skimmers/targets to the 'gentlemen' who served on black pigs) to teach the sumbariners how to behave in civilised surroundings, you know showering, eating with knives and forks, that kind of thing.
  15. Good luck to them I say.
    It would be a sad day if they couldn't demonstrate and show their feelings using their right to free speech.
  16. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and peaceful demonstration. However I question the morals of those full time demonstrators living on benefits.
  17. And how do they have that right
    By having a nuclear deterent

    I know how much they scam off the government as I pay it out, and unlike
    them I am not allowed to have a private opinion

    How much well £364 cash in hand per week with ONE child and if the boyfriend has a council house free rent with no council tax, Each additional child brings in a further £65pw free milk veg and vitimins

    The CAB phone me everyday trying to angle even more for these people, unfortunately I have to ASSIST yeah right

    Makes a complete mockery of my pension

    Just wish Jack could all go on Crimbo leave and then one big bang

    Jack McHammocklashing RO9
  18. Jock McHL

    Not everybody in the world or this forum would accept your assertion "how do they have that right. By having a nuclear deterrent". So how do all the other EC Countries, except France, Oz, NZ, Canada, Japan etc, need I go on, have the same or similar rights without having nuclear weapons.

    If all the others did it it without the doomsday weapon why did we ever need it????????. So if you live on benefits and fill your empty day up with a demonstration or two what is the problem. If you have evidence they are spongers and not entitled to what they claim then report them to the DHSS Fraud Dept. If you do not have that evidence or reasonable suspicion then how they use their time is their moral business


    PS why can you not have a private opinion. Surely your posting is a opinion?
  19. They have the right because they are FREE because the likes of you and I served our country to give them that freedom and all they want to do is destroy it (nuclear is debatable but it helped ensure we were free)
    Without freeedom you can not sit outside a military base and protest

    I was in Porta Polensa Majorca last year and even to walk along the beach past the military base, if you had a camera it was taken, it was well signposted so no excuse, now how long do you think I would last if I set up a rag bag tent and sang down with Spain waving a CND Flag there

    If the military did not remove me then the beach boy would have charged me £5 for a chair :-(

    I can express an opinion on here as I am fairly annonymous apart from the mods have my name and address,
    But for your info I am ex LRO Jack McHammocklashing RO9 or the Rusty B
    Whatever 68-72 commish

    In my employment I am not allowed an opinion I have to do whatever is required, just like the mob (I am not going to fire that weapon sir there are people at the other end might not like it) you do what you were paid to do and personal opinion is not an option

    Mind like your avatar the ladies there could do with a wash ;-)

    Jack McHammocklashing RO9

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