Fittness test times... What times people getting in the 2.4k run?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ryanhawk7, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. Just trying to get fit Cos Heard that I mite be getting my start date soon. Did a 2.4k run and get 8.59 n wonderd what average was .
  2. I did my test last week. 2.4 km in 8.46. what you joining as?
  3. Mine warfare specialist.. You?
  4. How do you guys do it? My best is 11:03, I've been training for months!

    I Row and cycle for hours but I cant run for the life of me. On occasion I still get perilously close to failing sometimes.

    I'm 6" and weigh 12 and bit stone, It took me 2 months of training 3-4 days a week non consecutive just to get the the point where I could run 3km without stopping.

    I run at 8-9mph or around 12-13kph but I just can't run any faster (even with my long legs) without building up too much oxygen debt. Im starting to pull me hair out over this. Im still training 3-4 a week running rowing and cycling and I have my PJFT in a month. I scared shitless that Ill get a stitch or lose my breathing and throw 15 months of waiting down the drain. Believe me, its not for the lack of effort.

    I eat well, and look after myself but for all my effort Im seeing little return in fitness.
  5. The way I got my time down was through lots of interval training. Made a huge difference for me!! Plus loads of five aside and circuit training

    Im trying as weapons engineering with the subs mate
  6. there's my problem, I'm 27 and I have not played sports since I was 15-16. And even then it was rarely. I was actually a very good goalie once upon a time but I am not terribly fond of competitive sports.

    I have been doing interval training for a while now as it was recommended to me. I run around the 11kph mark then sprint at 16+ for along as i can and repeat.

    By my calculations if your running in the sub 9 minute mark your running at 16kph for the whole 2.4km. Madness!
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  7. Yeah interval training is key.. I try n do 6 x 500m on rower or on the track 100m sprint 100 m jog until I'm dead. And work on speed.. 2.4 k is more a test of speed than endurance.
  8. And also do your running on the road. It's alot harder than on the treadmill.
  9. This is what makes me laugh, I do 5-12km on the rower in around an hour (12km ish) then cycle for 30mins, and I aint just breezing this along, with a run of 2.4km before and sometimes after! Though im often way too fucked to complete the last run.

    Someone told me a few months back to just run - forget the cycle and rower. Obvious advice I know, however I still only manage 20 minutes of running.

    Later tonight i'm having a fitness instructor help me out. I starting to thing my technique is out or I'm running very poorly.
  10. 2.4 k is a shot distance so train over intense shirt distances.... What u going in as ?
  11. AET,

    Just went for my 3rd run this week after a big circuits workout yesterday and I could not even run 2.4 km without slowing down to a fast walk.

    I dont know what the **** is wrong with me.
  12. I'm a rower and only really ever train on a rowing machine (erg) and managed 8:25. So I'm not sure sacking off the erg is necessary. Although 5-12km isn't going to help on a 2.4km run. All your training is medium to long distance. In my opinion (as others have said) it's all about getting your body used to being overloaded so interval training is best. As it's done on a treadmill it's not really about seeing how fast you can run, it's about setting the treadmill at the speed for the time you want and trying to stay on it!

    If you want to keep using an erg you should be looking to do the row at the same speed as the run. Start with 500m on then a minute off for 2.5km then next time do 750m on and minute off and so on.
  13. Or you could alternate your shirt distances with your shot distances.
  14. 8.25 your a beast ! Wonder what the record is at Raleigh ?
  15. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "I Row and cycle for hours but I cant run for the life of me. On occasion I still get perilously close to failing sometimes.I'm 6" and weigh 12 and bit stone, It took me 2 months of training 3-4 days a week non consecutive just to get the the point where I could run 3km without stopping."

    Mate - I feel your pain - I am a similar build and height to you, and am 31 - I have always struggled with running (can jog till cows come home but hate running). My advice would as follows:

    1. Vary training regime - don't just do sprints, do longer runs to build stamina.
    2. Do Fartlek training - it really does make a difference.
    3. Train with somebody! I normally struggle to make the 2.4Km on my own, as you havent got a pace marker - yesterday though I took the RNFT along with about 30 others, and passed it in 10.54 - the reason was because I was running alongside others and we encouraged each other to raise the pace. Find a training partner to help you, and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes.
    4. For treadmill training on the MSFT, I find that doing 1 min at 8km, 1 min at 8.5km, 1 min at 9km etc and doing the RNFT that way really helps - it gets you used to getting to the speeds required for the bleep test and building up to it.
    5. Don't worry too much - its just a game, but one you'll have to do every year once you're in!
  16. I have passed it more times than I have failed and my fitness test is a little over a month away. I know Ill pass I just thought that the amount of training I have been doing would make a difference. Sometimes I get on the machine and I cant run for toff lol!

    After I have done the PJFT I'll start running on concrete and grass- as thats what Ill have to pass on during the RNAC and at Raleigh.

    The guys earlier were saying that its more of a sprint than a run, and its definitely not a jog!

    I just don't want to be at the back of the pack by the time Raleigh comes up, I know I won't be at the front but being able to pass it fairly comfortably would be good.
  17. Mines 10.30, I very much doubt ill get it down to the 8 min area like some of you!
  18. Hello Earlychop, when did you pass your RT, i'm going in as AET too, i'm expecting my medical and PJFT around October.
  19. Ignore your treadmill time. Its the road/astro turf 2.4k you should be focusing on. If you get 8 to 8:30 on a treadmill its unrealistic to instantly expect that in the RNFT. Around 9-10 mins on the road is a good goal. I can get an easy 8:20 at the gym, but im happy with my 9 to 9:30 on the road.

    Just bum up and dig out.
  20. I sat RT in April 2010 and doing med on the 24th of this month, then PJFT within a month.

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