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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chaser12, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. Hey all! i am currently a watersports instructor part time and a professional waterskier, my fitness level is way higher than average however i have bad posture and my knees click loudly on occasion- i have a very slight limp when my muscles are relaxed by alcahol. also my right thumb has very slight movement limitations but of course i can still do everyting as normal.

    I want to enter the RN and go straight for seamanship i have alot of experience driving powerboats in the ocean and carry two liscences one enables me to operate a maximum of 99 tons in european waters. I have lived by the coast all my life and am very hardy when it comes to bad weather.

    My point is could i go far within the RN? do you think i would fail the medical with those points i outlined at the start of this post? i can allready run the nesecarry treadmill time 11.45 mins- 2.5km on wet sand so my level of fitness is very good.............

    any insight would be nice, im just inquiring as it would be nice to go far within as i would be dropping a professional sporting career for this- you may ask why the **** anyone would do that? well i hold my personal reasons largely relating to the opposition of the armed forces by selected immigrant minority groups in the uk, just one of the lesser reasons amongst many................

    regards- C12
  2. The RN already has many water sports instructors and participants. Some of the older ones have even been known to go limp, :oops: those that do also usually blame it on the alcohol (Cos they know how to spell it).
  3. Would that be Peterborough-on-Sea?
  4. yeah- peterborough on sea! no i live in southern spain and check back there for a few weeks every now and again.........

    but really guys- am i someone the RN would be interested in?
  5. Possibly.

    Your motives are a little odd though.
  6. Two AFCO Recruiters look at the questions on the forum most days - if you check again later in the day, I'm sure that one of them will have added something to your thread.
  7. Is that a definite possibility Guzzler? :p
  8. ok, just to clarify i am not mindlessly racist (i am far from it!), as i have grown a little wiser and mature over the past 2 years i have noticed a sencere lack of national pride- well certaintly less that it would have been 50 years ago. I understand times have changed and im a liberal person however i believe you have to put your money where your mouth is sometimes. and joining the forces would be a way for me to express this view- its a personal venture.

    however as i stated previously this is a small part of why im looking to join. I just wanted to make that point clear. Why do you think that is odd? Of course there are greater reason and for a 19 year old with relitavely high intelligence, experience operating boats and basic maintainance, my sport shows i have little fear when it comes to exrtemitys' and i really enjoy exercise on a dayly basis! why not?
  9. Why not indeed. Just try it rather than talking about it :wink:
  10. yeah but the question was, could i do well and go far in the navy with this and would the clicky knees and other issues outlines write me off doing anything other than working in a kichen for example?

    im going, i just have to wait a few more months. as i said before i live abroad right now, theres not too many MOD carreer offices here lol! so. i came here...............
  11. No, you said largely. That is why I thought it was odd.

    Now you've changed your mind and it's only a 'small part' I no longer think it is odd.

    Good luck.
  12. If you fail selection, you're not going to get anywhere. However, how far you go is about how much work you're willing to put in- like anything else. Such as your watersports :p

    There's an overseas recruiting desk somewhere. If you do a quick search on here you'll find the number.
  13. I find this a very odd question, I have read it a few times and have difficulty understanding it.

    You are not rascict.......why mention that?

    A few questions from Confused of Coventry,
    Are you Coloured?
    Are you Jewish?
    Are you Welsh?
    Are you gay?
    Why does it bother you what people say?

    This is a bite, isn`t it?

    Admit it you`re just a beach Bum. :w00t:

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