Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sarah83, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. ( not sure if this is in the right place if not move it where it is)

    hi it is Sarah here. as many of you know i am planning on joining the RNR i am running just under but seemed to hit a wall and tips on how i can push to the mile and a half. and best ways to work on my sit and push ups.

    any help will greatly appreciated.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why not search the forums, the search button is at the top. There are dozens of threads on fitness, don't be lazy and expect others to do your research
  3. I told you on Friday when we had a chat. Have you forgotten already.

    And by the way. Re-read your post. It doesn't make much sense, but I got the gist of it eventually.
  4. Your hitting the wall before 1 and half miles?
  5. I am hitting the Wall at about the mile itself and cant seem to push passed it
  6. If you're hitting walls whilst running you probably need to;
    A) Open your eyes.
    B) Sack your seeing eye dog
    C) Fcuking man up (woman up in your case.) and develop some intestinal fortitude.
  7. Do you have club foot?

    Have you tried interval training at all, dont try and run 1.5 miles straight away, you need to build your fitness up more. Try running for say 5 minutes then walking for 2 minutes, this will take your heart rate up and down. Making you fitter.
  8. Hitting the wall @ 1 mile??? *facepalms*

    If you hit the wall after 20 miles I'd understand and could give some advice but at 1 mile not even god himself has a book with that much advice
  9. Hiya Sarah,
    To be honest hun (and it pains me to say this!), the boys are right. I'm in my forties, left the Wrens 18 years ago, several kids, and Greggs pasties later and generally jog 2.4km in just over 16 minutes. And that's a really, really crap time. If you physically can't run for that distance, then there is a serious problem to be addressed. Are you carrying a lot of extra weight perhaps? I know I am unfortunately.

    Or have you tried looking at it differently. Don't keep checking your distance, just run for 20 minutes, don't stop and keep a steady pace. See how far you get. Next time see if you get a bit further in 20 mins. There has to be something wrong. Are you sure you're measuring the distance correctly, because most people on the street could run that sort of distance. If it's correct and you cannot run for 1.5 miles, then I would put on hold any fitness tests you have coming up, and seriously work at it. But I think there'll be a simple explanation, like you've got the treadmill on an gradiant, or that sort of thing maybe.
  10. I'm wondering whether it might be an idea to ask about joining the local gym and then speaking to one of the trainers, who can help draw up a schedule for you where you run a little bit further each time? They can help with sit-ups as well.

    Are you warming up properly before you start running?
  11. Don't join a gym, join a running club. They'll be friendly, helpful, and have more experience in running programmes than 95% of gym trainers.
  12. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Hello Sarah,

    Welcome to Rumration and the RNR.

    You are about the same age as I was when I joined the RNR so I will give you the benefit of my dubious wisdom and experience.

    You are probably not hitting the wall, that tends to happen when all you rmuslces are depleted of readily available energy and is commonly experienced at the end of marathons or other endurance events.

    What you are suffering from is being a novice runner and a crap novice runner to boot!

    Rules of running for the novice:

    1 never run on conscutive days, this should give your legs a chance to recover and improve for your next run.

    2 you need to run more, but don't try to do too much too soon, build on what you can do gradually or you will run the risk of over use injuries. Thankfully if you only have to run 1.5 miles you will not need to much time to get to that level.

    3 passing the fitness tests is about effort and most of that effort is expended in preparing well in advance, if necessary over a long period of time

    4 as mentioned by others speedwork, fartlek, interval training is good to build speed

    As well as the running:

    Push ups and situps; google 100 push ups, this will give you a programme that will progressively take you to the number required to pass your test (or 100 if you wish). There is a similar programme for sit ups and I think that both are available as iphone apps if you are that way inclined.

    Swimming; make sure to do a good bit of swimming, it is good excercise when in between runs, it builds aerobic capacity (strong lungs & heart), which you are probably lacking and will be making you struggle after 1 mile of running. Also you will be surprised at how many struggle with the swimming test so building a bit of ability and confidence in the pool is a good idea.

    Other activites, cycling, rowing, cross trainer in the gym are all good low impact activities for days when you don't run. A bit of sport, whatever suits you is also good to add a bit of fun.

    Diet - I have no idea if you are a porker or not, but suspect that as with most people could do with losing a few pounds, try to eat healthy and avoid all the things that you know are bad for you, after all ever pound of fat is a pound of dead wieght to cart round while you are running.

    Diary - keep a diary of what you eat and what excercise you do, this will give you the option of looking back over that weeks or weeks and determining if you made a good effort or were prone to slacking off. It is very easy to go for a run and eat salad on Monday and use that to justify sitting eating pizza and watching TV for the rest of the week.

    Good luck.

    PS You still owe us some bikini pics for your previous faux pas, if you like these can wait until you have got on a bit with your fitness, toned up, etc.
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  13. What a brilliant post by Jockpopeye. With permission marra I'll be printing that out and pinning it on the fridge for Junior to take note of this evening. Some really good advice in there. Thanks.
  14. Adrift i am the opsit i am 4'11 and 7 stone 5 very slim.
  15. At 4'11 I suspect you have a much harder time at it than someone with longer legs. Im 6' and running at 13kph to get a time near the 11m mark is sometimes too fast a pace for me to keep my breathing out of outright gasps.

    Keep plugging at it.

    Run at a medium pace for as long as you can, forget about the distance or the 1.5m test, just run. When you cant run anymore slow it down the a fast walk - say 6-7kph or 5mph, then go back to you original pace and repeat. Keep doing this until you know that you have no energy left.

    When I started running - and i really mean "started" as I had never previously played any running sports, I could not even run 1.5 mile. Now im up to around the 5k mark and vary between a 1.5m time of 11m - complete fail owing to my utter inability to run.

    All you can do is keep trying.
  16. Have you had your medical yet Sarah? Your height is just under entry requirement isn't it? 4' 11" is 149cm, and the minimum is 151.5cm.
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There's plenty of time for growth, She's only 12
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  18. That made I wee a bit.
    WTF is wrong with these munchkins, get your trainers on a bit more and put in a bit more effort.
    It may come as a surprise to some but completing RNR Training may take a bit of commitment.
    How about Sarah showing some by actually continuing through the 'pain' of a 1 1/2 mile run. Let us know how you get on.:cwm10:
  19. I joined with a girl who had to lie down before her entry medical to ensure that she made the height. IIRC, the functional test is whether you can close the top clip on a standard 8 clip door without clambering up the bulkheads.
  20. I know there's a reach test can be done if you're under. So would that be what you're reaching for Alfred? The top clip? Moral is then, if your a shortie but arms like an ape worth trying for it anyway. Srriously though Sarah, get it clarified by the AFCO before making any more plans, just to be sure.

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