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Hey everyone..

Ok am sure there is loads of threads on fitness so sorry if this seems a bit repetitive. I got a promising phone call from my CA today saying that my application has been brought forward and I will need to do my PJFT. Basically what I want to know is the best way to shread about 50 secs off my time. I am currently doing it in about 11.50. Granted it is not very good for my age but I got lazy over Christmas (played to much xbox and ate to much) and can't seem to get my time down at all. I have been doing the same speed on the treadmill for ages and I just can't seem to increase. I started street running, but not much as am not that keen on it and need to get use to it.

Any tips on this greatly appreciated

Thanks kal

Edit to say sorry if there is loads of spelling mistakes. Using a new phone and just getting use to it.
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Don't worry thats what I did over Xmas as well. People are going to say different things but the best methods that I find which are working for me is either interval training or uphill sprints. I find the hill sprints the best personally. I also include a decent lower body resistance training as well. Just got to find what works for you.
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hi im joing as a MA(gs) too i got told the exact same thing. i have my fitness tomorrow slightly nervous as i hate treadmills ... i have no idea what i have to do it in i think mines 13:30 As im a girl ha ..... but hey we might end up joining around the same time :) good luck for your fitness :)
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I have been doing the same speed on the treadmill for ages and I just can't seem to increase. I started street running, but not much as am not that keen on it and need to get use to it.

Any tips on this greatly appreciated

Thanks kal

Edit to say sorry if there is loads of spelling mistakes. Using a new phone and just getting use to it.
You need to up your speed on the treadmill as your body will have got used to doing the same speed for ages. Stop being lazy and push yourself!


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Thanks.. I will try the 3 Mile, shouldn't be to difficult.. Distance is not the problem it is just the speed. When did you sit your RT 94seldCO? Good luck with your medical and fitness am sure you will do fine.
3-4 mile run twice per week and a hill sprints or FARTLEK session too. Then retest yourself regularly on a road route at 1.5miler. You will see swift improvement. Gerschler FARTLEK is a particularly good style to begin with.
Ok mate, good news.

Once a week or fortnight go for a light run at a comfortable pace for 40 mins, you must keep moving for 40 mins even if you have to walk some of it. eventually you will be able to run the whole time if your cant already.

On your regular runs (2-3 a week) try some interval training. Go for 2 - 2.5 mile runs at a steady pace. every few hundred meters sprint like a crazy nutter, then slow when you can sprint no more to a steady jog or fast walk. as soon as you get you breath back start jogging again and repeat.

Cycling, whilst being low impact is a good way to manage your cv, if you have a bike at home or a gym and can monitor your heart rate, Cycle at around 80rpm at a resistance that just allows you to maintain your heart rate between 120-140 bpm. Increase in your cv fitness will advance more if you aim to cycle for 20 mins or more so dont consider it excersise untill you hit the 20min mark.

Good luck.
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Swimming also. While not as much of the ultimate training session as FARTLEK, Simming is Low impact CV activity and you can also do it even if carrying niggly injury. Its also enjoyable and since at Raleigh you do the MST its extra beneficial


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Best thing I've found is just simple running on tarmac. Much harder than on a treadmill as you have to fight against wind, rain (particularly as it's February) and lack of suspension. Treadmills are a pretty cushy job by comparison. I haven't been able to get to the gym as much recently as I've changed shift pattern, so I've been squeezing in 1.5 miles between morning and evening shifts. On my last day off, I timed myself on the treadmill doing the PJFT and did it in 12m 55s without really breaking a sweat. A huge improvement.

I'm still battling to get my time down to an acceptable level on the road (it's crap at the moment, no two ways about it) but it's improving all the while, just by keeping at it. I also hate running, but needs must.

Also, look at your technique. Stupid as it sounds, go to Youtube, search for running technique and watch a few videos. Doing that highlighted where I had poor technique (arms, core strength etc). Watch Usain Bolt run - the man's a machine! Shows you how it should be done.

Good Luck,


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Yeah I am not that good at street running. At the moment I am going to te gym 4 nights and out the street 2. I have a pretty good route for street as it is up hill, straight, uphill again and more straight so it s varied. As I said before it is not the distance it is the speed I need to improve.

Thank you for suggesting the technique I will have a look and compare
Mate I'm 14 stone, the best thing I've ever done is join a gym, I do 3 gym sessions a week and one circuit session (put on by the gym) without even doing previous running training I'm doing my 2.4 in 10.45, granted that's more me being determined not to fail as well as fitness, the best thing to do is push yourself past your comfort level. But you can't beat circuit training for fitness it sucks and is bloody hard but well worth it.
It is the distance as well as speed that needs work as you wont only be running 1.5miles at raleigh. You will do longer runs as wel I imagine and good stamina will pay off across a wide range of activities. Either way, crack on, dont give up and you will see improvements :)


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You are exactly what your name says...

Anyways thank you for all the tips. I was just at the gym did the run in 11:39 (not te best improvement but still am happy) and after that did a bit of interval training style (low speed- 30 sec, 15km- 1 min) and finished up at 4.1km. So thanks again for the tips :)

Builderbambi what sort o stuff do you do at the circuit training? The gym I go to does one every wed night for £4.50... A bit pricey if it doesn't help..
Depends 4.50 is a bit steep. The circuit I go to changed week to week, we tend to do 1 min on each exercise I'll go through one of the basic circuits we do.
So first station might be lunges alternate legs
Then toe taps (jogging on the spot but tapping your toes on a platform)
Then a abs work out varied week to week
Then mountain climbers on a mat ( shift your legs back and forth on a mat while on your hands)
So it goes a weights cardio mixture, it's ******* knackering and I think you'll be doing circuits in basic. They are brilliant for fitness pm me for more details if you want.
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