Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SeanP82, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm interested in finding out from you what the phys is like at BRNC (how much do you do, what do you do, what do they expect from you to be able to pass?)

  2. These are the minimum physical fitness standards expected on arrival:

    Part A:

    2.4km run

    Male Under 25 - 11mins 13secs
    Female Under 25 - 13mins 15secs

    Male Under 30 - 11mins 38secs
    Female Under 30 - 13mins 50secs

    Part B:

    Sit Ups (in 2 mins) (hands by head) - Male 39, Female 29.

    Press Ups (continuously to failure) - Male 23, Female 17 (Female press ups are performed with the knees resting on the ground).

    Shuttle Sprint (300 metres) - Male 59 seconds, Female 72 seconds.

    Military Swim Test (to be completed before IFT):

    Test is completed wearing overalls, within 4 minutes and consists of:

    a) Entering the water at the deep end
    b) Treading water for 2 minutes
    c) Swimming for 55 metres without touching the sides or the bottom of the pool
    d) Climbing out of the pool unassisted (pool side height is approximately 18 inches)

    I'm sure someone currently at/recently left BRNC will be able to expand on timetabled phys and other sports etc.
  3. Shuttle sprint, by the way, is something like 5x55 metres. Or it is at Raleigh at least.
  4. Do they not do the bleep test at Raleigh then?
  5. Sounds abit extreme to me lol :p
  6. I don't think so. We only did the shuttle run and I remember hearing from someone that it replaced the bleep test.
  7. Do you not also get a choice after you turn a certain age? The LPTI said that most people choose the bleep test over the 2.4km run. Why anyone would do that is beyond me.
  8. Yeah, no doubt that's the reason's horrible. And, in my opinion, much harder.
  9. Not that bothered about the phys, I'm more worried about the 1 piece swim suit. I'll look like a baby seal.
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dont worry, you'll soon be taught all about "the Clap". :)
  11. As long as I don't catch it I'll be all reet. 8O
  12. Im at about 11.21 for the Mile and Half so far. Upper body strength is fine though.

    Been off my feet for couple of weeks with chest infection though so Im impatient to get running again.
  13. When I was at Raleigh 18 months ago we did the bleep test for one of our phys sessions, it wasn't a pass/fail, although the results were recorded. Maybe they don't do it any more?

    When you're in phase 2 you'll probably be tested on both (based on my experience at Collingwood), after that you'll normally get a choice between doing the run and the bleep test, whether on ship or at a shore establishment. My ship used to regularly provide transport to a nearby running track (HMS Temeraire when we were in Pompey) for those who wished to do the run, I presume they all do similar. Otherwise you did the bleep test in the hangar.

    Can't answer the original questions about BRNC I'm afraid!

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