Hi I am hopefully going to be joining the royal navy soon and i have passed my medical and can do the fitness requirments but i have a small bit of excess weight.

will this matter at hms raleigh? :?


Damn, i'm quite overweight, the best i have done the 1.5m is in 11.37 on a treadmill, and I were fit for nothing all day after that! Best get my ass to the gym :roll:


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Mines 10, but im 6 foot 5 and supposedly its not good for taller people, the BMI that is. My body fat is about 12% thats a better measurement.


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LMFAO. I'm 30.1. Clinically obese. I failed my medical due to my weight but was cleared after doing the 2.4K in 10m flat and losing 4kg in 2 weeks. Still got to lose another 4kg before HMS Raleigh though.

Sounds like you've got plenty of time to get in shape though so just get training. Also, to get an idea of the level of PT you'll be doing at HMS Raleigh, ask your AFCO about going on a Ratings Preperation Course.


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Greg you are one of these unique individuals it appears that belies his size in terms of running ability, I can't remember your scores in the bleep test or 1.5 but I know you beat most of the other's. Interestingly did you get told you're bleep score? I came third in the 1.5 and was quite inteested in seeing where i came in the bleep but nobody told me :( at least we both passed though.
I always have found the bleep worse than the 1.5!
I think its because my andrenaline pumps too much it feels like I am having an heart attack..
At pirbright I came 1st on the 1.5 and was really impressed, makes me laugh when a lot of TA guys make out they are this n that but end up being worse than potential recruits (ok its for the army that but still a 1.5)
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