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Fitness tests

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Uncle_Albert said:
LeaderSmudger said:
A stream of consciousness style monologue delivered in a suspiciously chipper mood.

Drug tests as well, I think.

Well, he does state in his profile that his intests are 'Getting Bevvied' - a fine advert for the Navy's Reserves, and one which may also explain a few of his postings... (TFIC)
LeaderSmudger said:
Come on boys get with it!
Drugs no! High on Oggin air yes..
What does (TFIC) mean?

The English United will never be defeated!

Someone has cleared this guy to carry a weapon!!????
PS Ever heard of the United Kingdom? 3 other countries as well as the English!
Homophobic as well as stupid? Actually don't have time to respond to D***heads that clearly have nothing better to do shout their mouths off about how good they think they are.
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