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What's people opinion about how the fitness test has been implemented in the RNR?

To fill in those people not in the loop. The RNR did not require to be in-date for their mile and a half/bleep test/rockport walk to the shops until this year.

Many units have no PTI and will have difficulty in providing remedial training. I am curious as to what would happens to the failures if there was help available for them.


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The introduction of the RNRFT is supposedly part of the reason why regionalisation has been introduced so that PTIs can be shared between units. I know that the SE region (KA, President, Wildfire) are having a fitness weekend soon, which I suppose will include a chance to take the test.

As my unit has 2 PTI's we have no problem with PTI's. For those in units without PTI's, can they go to local regular units? Would the RNR pay for gym membership?
They could go to civy gyms, in the style of the AFCO fitness tests. I doubt the budget would be there though.

The idea if using service gyms would work somewhere like Scotia but her Dundee and Edinburgh tender units could be pretty much out on a limb, as would Dalriada.

I suppose using the gym/PTIs from local RMR units would work. Might scare the sh*t out of the boys and girls, I can hear it now.

"Right guys we're off to do some phys with the booties"
"When's that Sir, I am busy that night"

Reservist-Monkey said:
I suppose using the gym/PTIs from local RMR units would work. Might scare the sh*t out of the boys and girls, I can hear it now.

"Right guys we're off to do some phys with the booties"
"When's that Sir, I am busy that night"

Too true! :lol:

We have enough trouble on a 'normal' sports night. Considering that all under 30s should have passed their RNRFT by the end of Jan, it's worrying the number who are not eligible for promotion shall we say!


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Regional PTI visited my unit last night.
51 officers & ratings attempted test (including over 30's &over 40's)
36 passed (including over 30's &over 40's)

Black cat that !


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The RNRTM about the RNRFT mentions the two types of army PTI's. As I understand it they have two sorts. Sgts's & above who are members of their PTI Branch i.e qualified in the same way and equivalent to our PTI's; and muscle bosun types who complete an adqual and can supervise unit PT. (Maybe some of our ARRSE colleagues could explain this fully.) I think we can use the former.


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Hi Guys, new here but glad to see the site running.

I've no problem doing the RNRFT but the RNRTM on the subject was the most appalling piece of poorly staffed drivel that I've seen for some time.

I have fundamental questions on the RNRFT that no one so fars been able to answer.

Firstly - what happens if you fail to take it this training year? I'm currently out of country and can't take it, but have already qualified for Bounty. DO I lose my Bounty?

Secondly - If you take it and fail it then what are the repercussions? I'm not under any circumstances doing more than 1 night per week for RNR (I don't have time) so not sure how they can enforce mandatory fitness training.

finally - what about the List 5's who only do 2 weeks per year - often in a specialised area. How do they do their RNRFT?

Happy to do it, but need an RNRFT that actually makes sense. Grateful for any answers others may have on this.
Basically, LCpls and above in any unit/cap badge in the TA can train to be assistant PTIs. They have their normal job to do, but strip off into vests and tight shorts to beast their colleagues. They wear their crossed swords above their rank.

The Army Physical Training Corps is moslty regular with a very small TA element. You have to be an assistant PTI to join and ,must be a Sgt. On completion of the course you wear the PTI cap badge (cross swords with a crown on top), as that is your corps.

Incidently the Mrs, who is an RAuxAF Officer, simply phones up the nearest regular RAF Base and books a fitness test though the PTIs there.
I agree about the RNRTM - yet another wonderful piece of staffwork from our lords and masters. The key thing to remember about the RNRFT is the magic word - "Exemptions". There are so many of them, such as "operational", "medical", etc that anyone with a bit of imagination and especially those deployed could easily swing it.

Incidentally, I've heard that for the 2.4km run, and to avoid the RNR PTI issue they're thinking of allowing a suitably ADQUALLED (a one day acquaint in Pompey/Guzz) anybody to take it, as you don't really need to have spent 1 year at TEMERAIRE in order to hold a stopwatch and take times. Anybody else heard this?
The key thing to remember about the RNRFT is the magic word - "Exemptions".... "medical"

Hmmmm. Not sure trying to 'swing it' with the medics is such a top plan - that is the road to downgrading P7RD & no bounty as you can't train (I would have thought many of the potential reasons for a medical exemption would also mitigate against a P2 MEDCAT)

Just my 2p, of course
Afternoon Monkey Man,

Finess tests! About time! Fat 2 and a halfs wobbling around the Unit to earn a few bob for more Mc Donalds. Get em out! Sorry Sir your country no longer needs you! Make room for the GSSR elite. What's happened to all them knots and Seamanship. Fitness tests a must for fine tuned SPO teams. Anyone from Eaglet out there? Give me your oppinions on my post Money Man, it's on the RNR page about SPO teams.

See you later Shipwreck
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