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Fitness test

I was just wondering how lenient they are when it comes to the fitness test? Do you have to hit the score for all of them or can you not hit the score for one like press ups for examle
At what point? So far I've only had to do a run and swim test. No tests on press ups or sit ups...yet

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I've just passed my medical and on the pjft it says about sit-ups press ups and shuttle runs and I don't think I'd hit the score that it said for press ups
PJFT you only have to do a 2.4km on a treadmill.

The PRNC which is the 4 day course involves another 2.4km run, 2 swim tests and a 4km run.

The 2.4km run you do a bit of cardio beforehand, so I'd recommend before practicing road running, do about 10 mins of warming up including shuttle runs and the like because when you come to the 2.4km test your already knackered!
After the 2.4km you do a military drill type session in the gym, learning how the PTs will put you through your phys assessments. This is just push ups, burpees and military style situps. All easy stuff but just be prepared to push yourself.

The 4km squad run is more then a run...I'll leave that for you to find out about haha!
The best answer is all of them [emoji6]

I think we did no more than 10/15 of each at PRNC

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