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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by miss_mazzy19, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. Hi can anyone tell me if anyone has been discharged for failing the fitness test on basic training.. how many tries at it do you get. My daughter recently went to HMS Raleigh after only getting 5 days notice instead of the 3 months the afco said she would get. will they take this into consideration? she's 30 seconds off passing.
  2. First question; yes. Many.

    Second question; a few, plus remedials. And possibly back-classing. All dependent on many factors.

    Third question; no. She will be treated like everybody else.
  3. As EQG has said many have been booted for failing fitness.

    I know you said she didn't have much notice of a joining date, however how long has she been waiting, and secondly did she not do any training/exercise since her PJFT leading up to the moment she found out she got an entrance date?

    Edited to add: Jim got there first :lol:
  4. she rang the AFCO 3 weeks before who told her put the navy on the back burner you probably wont get a date until at least next September.. So she made plans to road trip around Aus. Im not making excuses but just worrying now that she may be discharged. It just seems unfair that everyone else gets 3 months notice and she got 5 days. However, she was glad of the chance to go in so she's going to try and do her very best. its just to put my mind at rest really
  5. she has been going to the gym (albeit not as much as she should have, after being told by AFCO she wont be getting a date until at least next sept) she got call on Tues to say come to Raleigh on Sunday.. so no. .she had no time to go to the gym during this time having to run around buying stuff to take with her etc.. she was 30 secs off the time
  6. She's been waiting for 18 months for a date.. then they spring it on her in 5 days lol.. she's determined so fingers crossed she makes it.. swimming test passed just needs to get that fitness done..
  7. 18 Months is a long time to be able to get fit enough to be able to pass a 2.4km run. I, like many many others, have been waiting over 18months for a start date, and if I was luckily enough to be offered a date at such short notice, would still be able to pass the fitness test, as keeping up my fitness is paramount at the moment in preperation for getting into basic training.

    As an applicant currently waiting for a date, it is extremley frustrating to see that people are getting dates after waiting so long who are still underprepared. The place could have been given to someone who has kept up with their fitness and thus won't waste their opportunity. I hope your daughter does well and makes the most of the opportunity that she has been given, that many other people would bend over backwards for at the moment, and doesn't waste it when it could have gone to someone who was fully prepared. Just my two pence worth.
  8. This link is about that very thing (hope the link works!). Our daughter is waiting for a place at Raleigh too, and we've drummed it into her, that her fitness goes along side A levels - it's her life now until that 9 weeks start.. She could be given a place at any time. I hope your daughter passes okay, without the general fitness for the 2.4km run, it indicates she may struggle with the rest of the training. I would think that's why they do the test first, so less fit recruits won't injure themselves at a later date. She'll have to show those lads how it's done! I'm sure she'll be fine. Having had 18 months to prepare up to now, she could be fitter than you think.
  9. 18 months. She obviously hasn't been keeping her fitness up.

    I do wish her luck and I hope she passes, however if she fails on fitness then there isn't anyone else to blame but herself for not keeping herself prepared.
  10. This may come across as rude, which I apologise for, however if she cannot maintain her fitness for 18mths what is she going to be like in 4yrs? This is a life changing opportunity she has applied for, therefore would have 18mths hard work gone amiss? Saying that when she gets on the track 30secs is not a massive time to knock off, she just needs to have the commitment to keep going when her body is telling her it can't, at the end of the day its 1.5miles and your allocated quite a reasonable time to do it in, so it should not be a huge problem. I wish her all the best, hopefully this is a wake up call that shes joining a military force!!
  11. Yes. Loads of people have been discharged for failing the Royal Navy fitness test to the Pre-joining fitness standards. If she doesn't pass it by the 2nd week having had 3 attempts she will be discharged. The fact that she took a short notice entry will not be taken into consideration as she didn't have to take up the offer.
  12. No sympathy.

    She deserves to fail and I hope she does.

    'Unfair'? You don't know the meaning of the word.
  13. thanks for that
  14. i wish i was as lucky as your daughter to get it all done in 5 days lmao.... i agree with most the other posters that its her fault not keeping her fitness up to the pjft standard and not progressing to be fitter than the required standard, when i need to run fast i always pretend someone is chasing me with a knife it may sound strange but hey it works and i dont half pick my legs up and dash. im sure she will be fine if she has done ti before she should know deep down she has it in her legs to reproduce it by the way what has she got in as
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Whenever a short notice entry date crops-up, the individual is given the option of accepting & advised when their start date would be otherwise.

    Those accepting the short notice start date are also advised that it's optional. If they are not ready to join, we would rather give the place to someone that is ready.

    In the majority of cases, those failing the RN fitness test first time around are suitably motivated to ensure they only get it wrong once. Those that don't will invariably seek to blame others for their shortcomings. Hopefully this isn't the case in this instance & I'm sure we all hope the second attempt is successful.
  16. One thing to note here is that the RNFT has to be completed every year by serving personnel (with a few medical exceptions I think). Its pass conditions are more stringent than the PJFT. In theory, any member of the RN should be able to run 2.4km in their allocated time whenever it is asked of them, that is the whole point of a fitness standard. When training is complete, it is up to the individual to maintain their own fitness standards or they will find themselves out of the RN (although more than enough help is offered before it comes to this for those who are wiling to put in the work).

    5 months, 5 weeks, 5 days, or 5 minutes (unless it's half way into your 7th pint on a Friday), it makes no difference. We need people who are fit enough to carry out any task that might reasonably be asked of them at any time, and that includes physically arduous tasks like fire fighting, battle damage repair and casualty evacuation.

    It does, for most, require effort to keep the fitness up, but this is the kind of effort we need to witness in our recruits in order for them to prove that they are worthy of passing out of HMS RALEIGH.
  17. Unless your over 40 years of age, in which case you can opt for the 'Rockport Walk' if you wish!
  18. Vas is dis ? brushteeth
  19. Not sure if the RN use this format or not....
    Basically a rather swift one mile walk, yes it can be failed!
  20. Cheers brushteeth

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