Fitness test: pushups - hand problem

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Keypusher, Apr 4, 2014.

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  1. Over the past few months I've been nursing some kind of trapped nerve in one hand which prevents me doing 'conventional' pushups with hands flat on the floor. Feels like a blunt knife going through the heel of the palm when I try. I can do them fine on knuckles (for short periods... ouch) or with stands of some kind (usually a pair of heavy dumbbells).

    Doctor was bloody useless. Decided it was a tennis injury and told me twist a rolling pin around. Don't play tennis and don't use that hand for solo sex, so can't think what he was on about. And the exercise didn't work.

    A gym instructor diagnosed it as a trapped nerve and suggested a stretching exercise, but it's nearly three months on and no improvement.

    So, I'm trawling around looking for ideas as, following my recent decision to try joining the reserves, this problem has suddenly become important.

    Anyone ever experienced anything similar?

  2. Your doctor is in a better position to diagnose it than your gym instructor.

    Sounds like he diagnosed you with RSI. Do the exersices he's given you and rest from press ups until you can do them properly, pain free.

    Concentrate on your running and sit ups in the mean time.

    Although you shouldn't trusty me I'm just a guy on the Internet.

    Listen to your doctor.

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  3. They're called "Pressups"...
  4. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Did this chap, who studied medicine for several years, then worked in hospitals prior to becoming a GP say it was a tennis injury or "like" a tennis injury? How long did you persist with the suggested exercise from the medical expert?

    A quick look at the NHS website says something along the lines of "Tennis elbow" can be caused by tennis, but it can also be caused be repetitive action leading to damage. Whilst I understand it is your hand that has the problem, reading that website I can see that Mrecho's comments re: RSI could be applied in your situation.

    That said, just like Mrecho, I'm not a fully qualified medical professional. I also doubt your gym instructor is either.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Man the **** up, You want to join the girl guides or something?
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  6. But I look so pretty in one of those little brown skirts, and Brown Owl said I could get my Happy Homemaker badge really quickly.

    Guys, thanks for the reality check re: the doctor. I think I'm just getting very jaded about our health centre which is known locally for being badly managed ever since new appointment and treatment policies were put in place, all in order to save money, but which make it very difficult to get appointments, arrange follow-ups, order repeat prescriptions - basically any kind of service - without actually doorstepping the place with a placard and a tent. And if I find it difficult, it must be bloody awful for the old and infirm. Local hospitals complain about it endlessly because it's filling up A&E with non-emergencies who can't get joy anywhere else. They're not all just muppets who dial 999 when they get a splinter, anymore.

    Ok, end rant.
  7. UPDATE: for the benefit of future generations and all that... because I'm generous with my problems.

    Once again, doctor bloody useless. I think they're either ignorant of sporting injuries entirely (most of a GP's clients are probably pregnant, aged or obese) or just too fearful of spending money on some kind of test or prescription.

    Anyway, what solved it in the end was a knee injury! I twisted it and spent 5 days on ibuprofen. When the knee was better so was the hand! The working theory is that I probably had tendonitis in the elbow and the swelling was pinching a nerve. I spoke to another gym bunny who said they'd had a very similar problem: when they stressed their elbow lifting too much weight, their little finger went numb and came back to life when the elbow was healed.

    Drum roll... that's all folks!

    There you go. A little drop of enlightenment.
  8. I diagnose that you are infact a pussy

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  9. Any hand problems with pull off's?...:rofl:
  10. If your not happy with your surgery speak to the Practice Manager. Some (a lot in this area) are ex Navy (or Army) and have a Can Do attitude. Some of course are not and do not. Interesting career opportunity upon leaving the Mob.
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