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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Smiley_Dougal, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    Forgive me if this question has been already asked - I've checked a number of threads and can't see the answer. Do women need to perform full press-ups at HMS Raleigh? On the RN website it still says that women can keep their knees on the floor.
    I work out three times a week, my running and sit-ups are grand, but I just can't do a full press-up. I've even bought that book - 'How to do 100 push ups', but still can't do a full one. I'm starting to think I have a couple of muscles missing...I'm fairly slight, which doesn't help, but I am working on upper body strength.
    Is this going to be a problem at Raleigh?

    Thank you for any help :)

  2. It's girlie press-ups for you. Knees on the floor.
  3. And no matter how much they DON'T have do do them on the cucumber patch......
  4. What's that got to do with pressups ? An entirely different exercise I would have thought!!
  5. Someone has a vivid imagination...!

    Thanks Drakey - I just wanted to make sure, as I thought they were trying to increase fitness levels at Raleigh these days.


    Smiley :)
  6. You'll have to ring your AFCO for that. Theres word flying around that women must do proper pressups now. But it doesn't seem to be confirmed from someone who has been to Raleigh yet. Bear in mind all the 2 girls on my RNAC last year did have to do proper pressups after being told things had changed. So ring your CA if you can.
  7. No you don't, otherwise you would be able to do pressups. Fúcking mong.
  8. Girls are required to do press ups with their knees off the floor now as part of IMF.
  9. Try doing full pushups at different angles rather than face down on the floor, i.e start off against a wall for the first week then maybe move onto the kitchen worktop for a lower angle then possibly the arm of your couch. Those are just ideas of what u can use but it will progressivly increase your upper body strength if u keep at it and train hard, then once you can can do a proper face down pushup say about 5 in 1 go then do sets of 3 every few nights and increase the number u do as the weeks go on. Hope this helps :D
  10. ....and then raise the fulcrum, start with your feet on the sofa then try it with your feet on a dining chair, hurts like buggery but has the desired effect.
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  11. pressups are now full, asked a PTI the same question at raleigh open day today, just try when your hardest when there and try to prepare as much as you can :) x
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'd be inclined to listen to Drakey, kids... :thumbup:
  13. Here is a wazza idea - why not use a bench press (multigym and not free weights) starting off with light weights and increasing as you get better

    saves f*cking about with sofa's and walls

    just trying to help
  14. Or I could spend the night pulling it's near unconscious form off the floor by the skin of lower spine until she gets that hard work is less painful than being beasted by an utter bastard.
  15. That sounds like your still trying to find someone for your sperm donation there ****!
  16. If she's fit, and can't push me off she's really selected herself.
  17. True and she'll do well in the mob as well!
  18. Scribe for the Booties I reckon.
  19. She should try pushing the boyfriend off, and not pulling him on top, that would build up the triceps
  20. I work for naval recruiting and the fitness test is with knees on the ground but during basic training you are expected to do normal press-ups during curcuits as this is not for a long time and is deemed safe for females.

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