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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cobs2012, May 15, 2013.

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  1. Hi I did my fitness test today and she gave me my letter back what I had to sign to say I completed do I need to do any thing with this ?

    Thanks Chris Cobban
  2. hand it back in to your recruiter? or phone him/her up tommorow and ask.
  3. Make a copy of it incase the gym lose/forget to send off/email their copy to your AFCO.
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  4. ah its done through e-mail now thanks for that !!!!
  5. They photocopied mine to give to me and kept the original. You should get a call from your afco once they have recieved the email wooo, congrats :D
  6. Sorry to jack the thread but what was your experience at the fitness test? Just the 2.4 or was there anything unexpected? Ta got my test on sat :)

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  7. I did a quick warmup on the step and then onto the 2.4km, no surprises at mine. As long as you can run it in a good time comfortably then nothing to worry about :)
  8. Thanks! Looking forward to it now:)

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  9. Yeah it is good to get things ticked off the application list, and this gets ya one step closer :D i quite enjoyed mine although i was nervous beforehand- it was good to demonstrate how me training had been going. What role are you applying for?

    Oh, they do take your height, weight and blood pressure and make a note on your form before the test as well, not sure if that is a navy requirement or if it is to check you are safe to take the test.
  10. Thanks for that rachelthree!! Yeah can't wait to tick off yet another box... I've applied for etwesm. Yourself? And do you have a date for Raleigh?

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  11. Ah awesome, probably not too much of a wait for you when you've passed everything then? I have applied for writer, no date yet and the wait was about 30 months last i heard boo hoo!
  12. I bet writer will be good! I had start date estimated at September providing I pass but I'm not counting my chickens so to speak. Apart from my weightloss pre application process ( I went to my local careers to find out how much I needed to lose which happened to be 4 stone which I've done) it's been quite a short process. Yet I'm struggling at work to deal with the irrelevant bull shit that comes with working with low level folk at the bottom end of the proverbial food chain and muster enough motivation to survive in my job pre navy. How are you surviving knowing that there's a light at the end of the tunnel yet being in a 30mnth limbo? Sorry to go off topic lol!

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  13. September, i am so jealous! It's good for you though :) i see no light really, i would gloss over it but all my friends are in grad jobs (i have just graduated) and i am working in the worst job in the history of jobs to tide me over until i get my date and although i really want to do it it is tempting to get stuck into my career elsewhere. Such is life, congratulations on the weightloss- 4 stone is an awesome achievement, go and smash the fitness and show how far you have come :)
  14. Thanks I can't believe I lost it tbh! 30mnths is nothing trust me!! Keeping pressing on and go for your dream navy job! Thanks for answering my questions and good luck!!
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  15. It is ageeees and the wait time might go up even so i dunno. How did you do it, just healthy eating and excercise? Dedication and a half that!
  16. You can wait.. your obviously keen as mustard as I've seen your comments on several other posts. Yeah I smashed it... I went from doing jack shit and stuffing my face with beer kebabs chocolate crisps sweets and fast food everyday to low fat vegetarian diet and stringent fitness regime. It wasn't that hard you just gotta accept your life is f***ing boring for a bit lol

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  17. Yeah well I got out of uni at 19/20 and had shit jobs up until last year and thought I would go for the navy always been a dream to join the MOD. I'm 23 and yes its my dream job I'v had all sorts of drop since I dropped out probably 6/7 temporary jobs. I think I'm going to appreciate it a lot more and work a lot harder now.
  18. I don't mind rubbish jobs don't get me wrong (i know the navy ain't exactly all amazing), but as it is kind of an endless abstract tunnel i do feel like i want to get stuck into a career rather than treading water. Like you say though it will be appreciated more i am sure.
  19. Passed fitness test today! Yipee! 1 step closer to leaving the vortex of the shit jobs.....!

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  20. Wahoooo, congrats! Is it just your interview and sc left now then?

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