Fitness Test at raleigh.

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by stealthmode, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I am due to start basic training at HMS Raleigh on the 10th of June, and as far as I am aware the fitness test is conducted running around a track (is this correct?). I am 22 years old and I'm able to run 1.5 miles on a treadmill in 9.45, but I find it impossible to pace myself running outside. Is the fitness test carried out in groups or is it one-at-a-time round the track?.

    Also, any tips on keeping pace running outside would be helpful.

  2. That's right - round the all-weather pitch, 5 1/2 times round I think.

    If you think about it, you can pace yourself for every half lap of the pitch - that may help, eg 90 secs per stretch or whatever it works out as.

    You will do it as a group, so if a few of you are the same standard, you may be able to pace each other.

    Hope this helps, and good luck.
  3. Cheers,

    while i'm thinking about it.. it took me ages to find a pair of running shoes that feel "right" , will I be expected to take my own trainers with me or will I be issued with some?

  4. No problem - you can use your own trainers for the run.

    You'll be issued with standard ones, but I wouldn't recommend them for running in.
  5. hey mate. they issue you with a pair of hi-tech trainers which are to be worn at all PT sessions, however you still have to take a pair of your own with you.

    And don't worry about the run. it is 5 1/2 times around the track which you'll do for the first time on the wednesday that your there, but there will be around 50 of yous doing it all at the same time and the PT staff etc position themselves around the track edging everyone all on as it where. The first time isn't that important as long as you do it under the 12mins 20 sec timeframe but the actual main test, which is in week 5 has to be completed under the 11mins 13sec timframe, but after 5 weeks of PT you'll be surprised how much easier it is and you'll knock alot of time off your week 1 run.
  6. Good recent advice from RNMA.

    RNMA, are you allowed to wear your own shoes for the run?

    If not, I stand corrected!
  7. one final question,

    do you know what the requirements are for sit ups, press ups etc?

  8. well i think the way it stood was that if your issued trainers didn't fit right or didn't feel comfortable etc etc, then you could wear your own. Though i am really not 100% certain either way as everyone wore their hi-techs and there was nothing really mentioned about wearing your own or not. To be honest i'm not sure why you have to bring your own as i've yet to wear my own in training, lol
  9. Try this link:

    RN Fitness Standards

    So you know what you should aim for.
  10. Press ups and sit ups get down in week 5. You have to complete 23 press-ups and 39 sit-ups along to a bleep machine. You are not only judged on the number but also the technique. If the technique for any press-up etc isn't right they will fail you there and then. However, as i said before they give you plenty of practise up until that point and even do a practice run through of the fitness test so you won't really have any problems.
  11. Thanks for that link... probably should have looked for it myself!
  12. Sorry for hijacking the thread, but do the RN have a yearly fitness test now for sea going crew?

    I was always a fat knacker after basic, only got fit when I left!

    Just interested. Does everyone do it? Did the fat knackers get booted out, or are there ways 'round' it?

    ps - good luck stealthmode!
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Uh-oh, more matriculation, sorry chaps... I thought the run was 1.5 miles, which is 2.4Km. Given that an athletics track is normally 400metres long, may I be so bold as to suggest it's 6 times around, not 5 1/2 laps?
    For SS: yep, annual 1.5 mile run mate-people can & do get discharged (medically) if they fail the annual fitness test.
  14. No worries, Ninja

    It's not actually a running track - it would be nice if it was, like at Temeraire.

    The 2.4km (1.5m in proper measurement) run is done round the outside of the all-weather football pitch which I think is a bit less than 400m per lap - no smooth bends either.

    Edited for typos - must be getting old
  15. When you do your mile and a half you do it together as a group run, but after several laps the lads and lasses end up seperating as they develop their own pace!!

    Its round the all weather pitch 5 1/2 times I think with all the PTI's stood next to the track shouting you on.

    You get issued Hi Tech Silver shadow trainers, you can take your own, but I cant ever remember wearing them!!

    As well as your mile and a half you also have to complete a PTB Bravo during basic training. This consists of sit ups, press ups and a shuttle run which all has to be completed within a set time. And as usual it has to be your best maximum effort!

    When you join a ship you have to do either a mile and a half or bleep test (you can usually choose which one youd rather do) either on the flight deck or the Jettty every 12 months.

    Good luck and stay positive :wink:

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