Fitness Test 28 days !!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Passed the RT and my medical! bloody happy

    but now ive got the fitness test, i can run 1.5 miles in under 10 min but in the most speacial way possible, i can floor it at the start, but i can keep a decent rhyme going, i have to keep swapping between sprinting like a maniac then jogging like a fat man, and i cant seem to keep a good balance between the two even though ive been going it for a while now.....

    anyone got any tips in how to get a STEADY rhyme going? what speed is the best for you ect?
  2. Just run at what you feel comfortable at. If your going fast at the start try slowing down at the start and speeding up towards the end?? Also concentrate on breathing properly, helps alot.
  3. Have they started letting none-English speakers in now?
  4. A good mate of mine had that "can't keep a steady pace" he sorted it out by runnning 5 big paces, then 5 little paces, then running backwards for 20 paces, then doing 15 hops...but only on the right leg (FFS NEVER hop on the left leg)...then running 5 big paces again etc etc..... He was the fastest in the class.
  5. Did he attain this knowledge from the ministry of silly walks?
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  6. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Maybe go a little slower to save yourself the embarrassment, you can stroll the fitness test.
  7. if you are telling the truth and can run 1.5 mile in 10 then why not drop back to a comfortable pace you can maintain for the PJFT? on a treadmill if you have to speed up/slow down then you need to take into account how long it takes the belt to get upto speed/slow down and this of courses adds onto your time.
  8. FFS............
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  9. Run down a steep hill (1 in 4 preferably), you'll find you'll be slow at the top but an olympic sprinter by the bottom. Gradually find hills with less of a gradient.
  10. Search on Youtube for Tupac if your looking for how to make a good steady rhyme
  11. Going to be the spelling nazi now, a good rhyme is something from the likes of Coleridge etc, what you're looking for is rhythm
  12. Nah it's rhyme...
    I'm really bad at running
    I'm never at the front
    Everyone is faster
    I'm a useles fat ugly..... see it's a rhyme he's after
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  13. You spoiled the fun!
  14. Snap mate...I'm in the same boat as you - excuse the pun ;)

    I've got my PJFT on the 13th of this month so will be doing timed runs all this week. I've got to beat 11 mins, 48 secs I think.
  15. Good pair of walking shoes and you should be fine.
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  16. Thanks, noted ;)
  17. Have you thought about trying iambic pentameter?
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  18. Worked well for Macbeth !!
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  19. Just out of interest, do people find it easier or harder running on a treadmill? Is it an accurate representation of your actual time?

    Genuine question, I've never timed myself on a treadmill, I've been on them, but usually just ******* about with no real goal or aims. When I go for a run, I like a bit of fresh air and scenery. There was no such thing as a PJFT when I joined up.

    If I can bang out an average RNFT in say 10 mins on tarmac, is it likely I'd get a similar time on a treadmill?
  20.'d die of ******* boredom about 5 mins in...treadmills are for fuckwits...dodging dog shit is fun !!
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