Fitness slacking!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chicogiz, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Wow. My fitness has gone down hill in a space of 3 weeks. I could easy run over 3 miles, now 14 mins running and thats a distance of 1.5miles. My press ups have gone from 65 to 23 lol. Its not a problem i have 4 months to kick myself in the arse and punish myself to near death ( or if some of you like to think, to death). I will get back up there, im planning to be able to run 5+ miles and reach 65 press ups again.

  2. Just 5 miles in 3 months? I know people who have gone from fat bastard to half marathon in that space of time!

    I'm still fat bastard.
  3. OP - What role are you apply for?
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  5. Sailor paratrooper nails marine special forces elite soldier fluffy.
  6. I'm exactly the same matey.
  7. Jeeeez, Leo_Mong and Chicojizz exactly the same. Must be the British cast of Dumb and Dumber :highfive:
  8. Yes you are. :naka:
  9. Ferk off man tits.

    Catton01 says:
    i can pinch abit on the titties like

  10. Rather than sitting in front of a 'puter LOLing and no doubt ROFLMAO you should get off your self indulgent asses and do some phys.
    For people of your age to be struggling at the mediocre distances and exercise targets you mention is a disgrace not something to laugh about.
    Out of your hoop at 1.5 miles? FFS, grip yourself.
    Expecting the usual "But I've got plenty of time to get fit..." rubbish excuses for laziness from the slackers above.

    PS. Chico I'm so glad you decided to forget about joining the Royal Marines, your inability to stick with even the fitness requirements of the Royal Navy indicates that you'd have spent more time travelling to and from Lympstone than you'd have been there Training.
  11. To be fair, I'm a lot fitter than I was. :cry:
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  13. Thats strange as i am on the verge of rejoing, was a bootneck for 9 years now going for divers. I have just taken a week of and and every so often i take a good few days of as i have been training mostly 5 days a week for the past 4 months and i actually see improvement as my body was in need of a good rest, which in theory is true providing you push your self hard enough. But for you to take three weeks of and to drop that much is shocking, i can understand a slight drop in fitness but that is really shocking. And only do 23 press-ups ??? wtf my Girlfriend can do that pissed up also her 2.4k run time is 12 min, and you was gonna join the marines ?????
  14. His fitness may be lacking but he is very good with a flute I hear so he could still make the marines like you. :twisted:
  15. Don't worry too much about it. The PTI staff are eagerly awaiting your arrival at HMS Raleigh. They will do it for you and wave to you as you get on the No. 81 bus back to the train station.
  16. hi all....

    very quick question in the recruitment pamphlet it says you have to do 36 pressups, but how long do you get? because in the army you get 2 minutes to do 45, but it doesnt state how long? is it in one hit or one minute or 2 minutes? or even 5 days? haha

  17. Much like a bleep test, you'll push to a bleep, except the length of the intervals between bleeps in the strength tests are constant.
  18. great if in 3 weeks fitness can drop that badly well i am doomed iv got a badly strained groin or suspected hernia ill find out tomorrow at the doctors and im not going to be able to exercise for weeks and with rnac next month im screwed but at least iv got till feb till i go to raleigh
  19. Lol..

    What date in February?
  20. That will give you plenty of time to learn all about fullstops and punctuation.

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