Fitness on submarines

When it comes to fitness onboard, is it the case that your work keeps you fit enough and you are too knackered to do much else. There are facilities on board and they get used or generally people can't be bothered?

When shore-side what is your preferred form of fitness training?
Phil, a few select guys are allowed to train.Usually the ones that are Gym bosuns inboard as well. However the rest of the crew in true submariner style prefer to get pissed in the fore ends. If everyone trained at sea.It would make too much noise,more CO2 would have to be scrubbed more 02 to be made more o2 to be cooled .Lots and lots of noise ,so as long as you can fit down the AMS hatch your fit to be a submariner.However Berr fitness is a totally different story.You have to be awsome at drinking ale to get by in the RN's elite.
Stand fast bomber queens.. usually only phys equipment on T boats is a rowing machine fwd somewhere.. usually near enough the fwd bunkspace to piss off the JR's and a boxing bag in the switchboard or bomb shop. But as previously mentioned the only people who tend to use 'em are the people who do phys inboard. Everyone else just 'exercises' their wrists ,and their jaws while dripping like septic *********..
After a 3 monther walking inboard knackered me but after a week or so I could run up to the 8th floor of Benbow block. probubly could only walk it now with a break at the 4th 6 th and 7th for breathers. :pukel:
ETME_submariner said:
he's started a whole thread about my username
Well to be fare to Deeps, the guy aint a Submariner, so why is he even posting like he is , Once the guy has his Dolphins and done a few Patrols, (Real 1s or Bomber 1s who care's) then he can make comments about Submarine life,, ETME_Submariner go iron you 8s or 4s what ever..
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