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Just wondering what the kind of level of fitness is expected at HMS Collingwood for polc courses nowadays as i have heard many different rumuors.

Being a bit of a fat knacker and years of married life plus being a wafu things have expanded round the waist and thus having a detrimental effect on fitness.

i have heard that when you turn up if you fail any of the fitness aspects they give you a warning and that some people are passing through with like 8 warnings when they leave, so is this true because if it is then i will go straight back to double duffing!

Must add i always pass my fitness test each year by doing a week of running before the due date!

POLC may now be called senior rates command course (sorry old school coming thru)


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Not true. We see in excess of 10 signals a week for people being taken off course for various reasons. You need to be passing your Annual Fitness Test with a fair bit to spare. Also seeing a lot taken off for plagiarism and general inability to meet standards. Which is no bad thing.


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An aquaintance of mine failed recently for plagiarism. The consequences for him where so not funny. Strangely enough, the fitness advice laid down in the joining instructions helped me get through mine quite well, and trust me, I aint no fitty.


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Does anyone know if the standard for the new RNFT are applicable to the LRCC and SRCC. Are the over 40's able to opt for the Rockport Walk on course instead of the 1.5 mile run? The dit we heard was that the Rockport was brought in due to the modern belief that over 40's were doing more damage to their health running than was good for them, hence the walk.

Can anyone from Collingrad confirm this? There's contradictory info. coming from different sources!

If there are any 'Admiralty Clowns' online, or staff from Command school it would be great to hear the real word!


Make sure you can pass the RNFT- 1.5 mile and bleep test- comfortably, have a 15 minute lecture prepared and accept and even embrace the fact that 95% of the staff are sphincters.
hookyh said:
Are the over 40's able to opt for the Rockport Walk on course instead of the 1.5 mile run? ....
If there are any 'Admiralty Clowns' online, or staff from Command school it would be great to hear the real word!

Hooky - I'm neither of the above, but an old fart CPO of my acquaintance said he was told that he could do the Rockport bimble on his SRCC RNFT if he wanted, but it would "reflect badly" on him if he chose that over a run.

Personally, I think the whole RNFT thing is a joke. But that's for another thread.


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As far as I'm aware, if you're over 40 you can do the Rockport walk (which is only an RNFT option for over 40's) for your RNFT and the 2K4 run or MSFT are optional.

If you are over 40 and want to do SRCC then you must do a SRCC(MD) (or whatever it's called nowadays) with all the spackers and fat barstewards.

Over 40's wanting to do a normal SRCC must be in date for RNFT (Whatever method) and complete the 2K4 run on day 1


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Twas at Royal Arthur about 15 years ago, and if its anything like that you will need more than an extra weeks training.

I must admit I scraped through fitness wise, it was kin hard slog, lots of running, assault courses, log runs, then hiking into the Beacons up and down hills, stress levels up in the himalayas.

Go for it, work hard, follow the prep they want you to do, and when you get there do what they want. Easy really ain't it.

Ohh I've still got the hole in my right Knee from my LRLC at Excellent in 1984, came off the death slide, still completed the assault course, spent lunch time in sick bay then on to finish the last two days


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Cheers for the heads up guys! I'm so looking forward to it!

My bezzie oppo. did it last year and (bearing in mind he's super-fit and got a degree) told me "Recommend it to someone you hate". Apparently the staff are all old school and seem to take personal satisfaction from being a real pain in the rear. Guess we'll see! Nothing would surprise me.

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The true dit.

You will have to complete the RNFT run on day one and will be required to do all of the other aspects of the course involving fitness.

No allowances are made for age.