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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Scarface2009, May 12, 2009.

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  1. I feel i have a very poor level of fitness, i did my PJFT on the treadmill at 11;40 and am only bloody 17, i have now got this time down to 10:40 if i work it hard, i also when i get a bit through my 2.4km run i slow down to a slower pace, i have till October, i have however seen an improvement, i also need uper body strengnth,

    Question is, if i work at it, is it possible to turn my fitness around in five month?

    also for young male recruits who have passed out at HMS Raleigh, did you see any unfit lads( Under 25 ) who had problems with the 1.5 mile run? just wondering, and i mean people in the last 10 years, and not people who done it in the bloody 60s and 70s or 80s!!!!!!

  2. 5 months is plenty of time to get fit. Ur not THAT unfit now. Just concentrate on diet, cardio and if you have the balls take a performance enhancing drug just til you pass whatever it is you gotta pass. I know recruits pass their PRMC with times over 10 minutes on their 1.5 miler. So I wouldn't worry too much. Aim to knock another minute off your timed you wiull be fine. But honestly, 5 months is plenty of time. You can get fit in a month if you already have a basic level of fitness (which you seem to have) aslong as you cut out smoking, drinking, recreational drugs, junk food and work hard every day.
  3. Yea, of course it is, try doing up hill running, stairs, you gotta build up the strength in your legs and get your cv sorted, but 5 months is more than enough time, just gotta work hard, eat well and get plenty of rest.

    Good luck
  4. Cheers for the replies, i mean i got 10:40 on the treadmill, i can run 1.5 miles, but at a bad pace!!!, it should be enough, am going to work my ass off
  5. It's harder to run on the treadmill than the road anyway. U should be able to run quicker than that on the road.
  6. True, i hate treadmills, but i am loosing the fat when using it, people have noticed, so thts good, yeah i feel more conftable outdoors, cheers for the reply Nails, are you actually going in the Marines or have you changed your mind?
  7. Nails gave a semi-serious response!

    Fcuk me, has he seen the light?

    Anyway, 5 months? Piece of pish. At the end of January, I couldn't even run 1.5 miles. In 12 minutes I did about a mile. Stopped by shin splints twice, and recently not having the time to train much, I can now do my 1.5 mile run in 11:13.

    As for the upper body strength, get a chinning bar (or use a tree, monkey bars at the park. Anything you can hang off) and it'll get you by for now.

    Follow these programmes: or

    You have to follow these to the letter-or number- or they won't work as well. I think the 200 sit ups is a good programme, but for the purposes of the RN I went for the 60 in a minute.

    No doubt someone will be along to correct me :lol:

    As for the cardio, Fartlek!
  8. Yeah mate i'm going in for definate
  9. So when do you join the Corps? and how did you find you PRMC?
  10. More sound advice....... :D
  11. I am going to the RNAC course in July, so i will get a basic insight on what my fitness level should be before i join raleigh, thanks guys for the answers, they are much helpfull
  12. :roll:
  13. On that nails topic,

    [topic]Every time you want a bag of crisps spark up a benson[/quote]

    Looks like he cut out crisps, at least.

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