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Hi all,

I was just wondering if pull ups and press ups are a pass or fail. Also if the legendary rope climb is a pass or fail?


So at your prnc (if you haven’t been yet) press ips are not a fail but you should be expected to be able to hold your own body weight and perform press ups. There are no pull ups at any point including Raleigh.
The rope climbs are not a fail but over the 10 weeks you will be expected to be able to climb the rope at least once. Personally first time on the ropes I could barely do anything at all. Come week 10 on imf pass out I was getting up no problem. The ptis put a lot in to coaching you on this and you get a good technique going and you get stronger. You will do a load of press ups at Raleigh so best to get practicing as nuch as you can now

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It is aimed for Green lidded peoples but, I did this leading up to my time at Dartmouth everyday (might be overkill) to see how far I could increase mine. A nice little training tool, there is also a sit-up one which is quite fast to do a good quality repetition on.



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Be more commando meant something totally different to me - especially in the summer...................ahhh the breeze just where you need it :)

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