Fitness levels for AACC?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GSSR_Vvd, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Hey,

    I think i have made my mind up to go on the GS list rather than SM. This is obviously going to affect my start date which is good because it gives me a chance to become totally physically prepared rather than just prepared. I'm just going to think about it while i'm on holiday to make sure it is what i want.

    As i will have this time for specific training i was wandering what fitness levels are required for the AACC (All Arms Commando Course)? As if i can work towards this level of fitness then my time at raleigh would be made more enjoyable.

    Also is there anything i can do as a reservist to help me prepare for this course (assuming i get on it at some point in the future)?

  2. Have a look at ARRSE's previous threads, there is lots of advice there.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Couple of points:

    Glad you've heeded a bit of advice. Bear in mind you won't be going on AACC for a couple of years after joining as an MA, so you've plenty of time to prepare & ask your AFCO for a RM Acquaint Day before you join - you'll get a very good insight as to where you are now & where you need to be.

    Military Fitness & Training
    Although unofficial, there's some very good advice on this site for prospective RM recruits & AACC candidates.

    Good luck.
  4. Thanks NS and Dunkers. Had a look on both sites. Really good info about the course itself.

    I know it will be a couple of years before i get to go on it but i feel that i'd be more confident if i can say that i am physically able to do it. That only leaves the opinions of my SR's as a barrier.

    I have got a mate going through the application process for RM officer who is very nearly fit enough. He's looking for entry next Sept i think he's gonna kick my arse into shape over the coming months. :pukel:
  5. Ot's good to hear that you have your mind set but there is no point trying to aim for the level of fitness to gain AACC, before you even go into Basic training.

    Reason being, if you are mega fit, you will lose that during basic, if you are under the average fitness, you will gain the fitness during basic training (apparently).

    So aim for a fitness that will make your life easy (er) during basic training, then do your trade course, then once all this is passed, focus on your fitness 100% for the AACC.
  6. Hey NS, that site you advised is a really good one thanks. What does an RM aquaint consist of and do you know how often they are held? I ask this because i like to be armed with the information before i see my careers advisor as he does not seem to be the most helpfull. I get the impression from him that he's happier with the less work he needs to do.

    Another question, i have a couple of mates who are applying to the RM, one to be an officer and the others marines. I've been talking to them about my career options and they are baffled as to why i'm joining the RN with a view to do the AACC. They seem to think i'd have no problem joining the RM and doing the MA coures as the RM are so short of MA's. Is this true or just hear say?

    Any thoughts? :thanks:
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Apologies for not getting back sooner:

    An RM Acquaint is like a one-day PRMC, usually at the nearest RMR unit. You do the bleep test, 3 mile run, pull-ups, sit-ups, press-ups, etc., & get given a good idea where your fitness is & where you need to aim for. They usually run about one per month.

    The issue about joining the RN as an MA is that you will definitely be an MA with the option to attempt AACC, if you fail to make the grade you will still be an MA. Whereas in the RM, assuming you pass commando training, you will be a Commando first and foremost. Generally, though not always, you will expect to serve 2 years General Duties (GD) before specialising.

    You have to bear in mind that although there's a shortage of MA's AACC trained at present, you are not 100% guaranteed of being selected as a RM for being trained as an MA in 2 years time - the Corps may elect to train you in another specialisation as dictated by the requirements of the service.

    The way to look at is: What is your priority? Medic first & foremost or Green Beret? Your mates may have heard to the contrary, but beware of falling foul of opinions, that may just be a little inaccurate. The RM Branch Manager will be able to advise 100% correctly via your AFCO.

    Good luck either way!

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