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Discussion in 'RFA' started by pernod, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Is there alot of fitness involved in joining the RFA as in does the RFA do what the royal navy does at raleigh?
  2. Oxymoron!

    Where's my prize?
  3. No fitness test and that, but you have to do a civilian medical (named ENG1).

    It's like a Naval Pulleem with a couple of add-ons and it lasts for 2 years.

    If you struggle with certain aspects (weight being the main issue), then the Doctor will reduce it to 12 months, 6 months, or, if really bad, I've heard of a 4 month one being issued and a reviewing process will then take place..

    Unlike the RN, a lot of RFA personell are in their 50's and 60's (I've just sailed with a couple of 63 year old A.B's), so I'm sure you can appreciate that these people won't really be running around or doing Rockport walks or whatever.

    If a Merchant Seaman doesn't have an ENG1 Certificate then he's not allowed across the gangway onto any merchant vessel, whatsoever.

    I know in The RN then that's what most of the youngsters dream of nowadays, but in the Merch' you don't have the protection of 'P7RD' type stuff and a cushy job in the Nelson baggage store to fall back, laughing your head off, on.

    Mortgages to be paid etc.
  4. There isn't a lot of fitness involved with the RFA, we still have to hump damage control gear and do the same firefighting the RN do, (and there is less olf us per ship) so it helps if you are fairly fit. You only have to pass an ENG1 to go to sea which is the same for all merchant navy bods but they would rather jump on a lifeboat than fight a fire. I have been in twenty years now and the fitness level has increased (slightly) due to the old and bold retiring and the young generation being less inclined to spend all day wiping the bar down, and drinking has been cut down with the drink policy coming into effect. The RFA is older, dont forget it's full of 22 yearers from the army and navy who cant work ashore.
    most ships now have a gym as we can order gym equipment like the RN do, which we never could before, and the Bay boats have a brilliant gym on board (mainly thanks to the RM) Anyway its up to you the ENG is getting harder to pass so keep fit for longer or join Mearsek and eat pies all day.
    if you manage an ENG3 that means you spend all your time alongside and cant go to sea, but the RFA will ditch soon enough.
  5. The ENG1 is "like" an RN PULHHEEMS examination in that they are both medical examinations, but that is where the similarity ends. The standards are completely different.
  6. I recently took and ENG1, it was far more stringent than a pulheems.
  7. That's why I put 'like', with add-ons.

    It's very much 'like' a Pullheem, in that you do all the aforementioned, and then some (add-ons).

    And yes, it is more stringent, obviously, as a pullheem in the RN is basically a few checkups at certain ages to make sure you're basically ok. Bit like a 5 yearly mot I guess.

    The ENG1's can be pretty intense with some Doctors. There's the infamous one out in Eastern England (that'll I'm saying) who had 50+ year old men running up and down flights of stairs for ages in his building to see how long it takes the poor bástard to get his pulse back to normal. Hahaha.
  8. The doc I did mine with had me charging up and down the stairs lol
  9. 8O Blimey, I'm not going to the same Doctor as you, mine only took 20 minutes - I'll be going back to him again :lol:
  10. Thats harsh normally if you can walk to the docs youve passed
  11. Thanks guys that clears that up :) cheers

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