Fitness in Basic Training

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sandygib, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Just a note for those of you asking about fitness levels in basic training. Today is mad Wednesday for my lad - he passes out on Friday. Today they have to do the assault course, followed by the obstacle course, followed by a 2 mile squad run carrying a 15 stone stretcher, followed by a quick shower and change to be ready for the swimming circuit, followed by a shower change to do a military exercise presentation. He went in reasonably fit - achieved 10 mins 30 on his first run - by week 5 he was down to 9 mins 40. He was by no means the fastest or the fittest. Many failed the first run and were on remedials both for the running and the swimming, which made life tough and the days long. Basically what I am trying to say is get as fit as you can before you start - it will make life easier for you once you are in.
  2. Wow, that run time is a vast improvement after just 5 weeks!

    Well I went to see the quack yesterday and he gave me an official weight of 12 stone (Not bad for a 5ft 9 lad) so I've lost 3 stone this year because at the end of last Christmas I can honestly say that I was 15 stone! :oops: Couldn't believe it! Just one more stone to go now which I'll have a go at when I return from my dads after Christmas - I'll include running too as I need to get fit now in case I make it to the fitness test!

    My time for selection in the Army was 10m 13s and I'd love to get anywhere near that this time! lol

    Well done to your lad Sandy! You must feel so proud! I wish him the very best of luck for his phase 2!

    What a time to pass out though, the day before Christmas Eve! lol :D
  3. mad wedensday haha thats changed used to be mainc monday and was a little diffrent from that but to be honest was extramly fun. you have an absoult ball although your so fu*ked by the end of the day you go to your pit and just sleep.

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