fitness for Raleigh in two weeks....

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by gazbo1988, May 4, 2010.

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  1. hello guys,

    i recieved a txt from my mate who joined on sunday " get ready for hell" which i have to admit it filled me full of joy.

    i go in two weeks, i am running my 1.5 mile in 9:15ish... running one 8 mile, one 6 mile, timed 1.5 mile and a little run wearing a backpack with 10 kg in ... i also swim twice a week and go to the gym three days a week!

    do you guys have any over ideas regarding fitness to be really ready to go... any advice welcome
    thank you
  2. Dude, stop panicing, you will cause your self a blood vessel to burst.

    Just follow the programme and make sure you are best prepared you can be. If you do what they expected you to be able to do then you don't have to worry.

    Put in 100% effort when you are there and you will be fine
  3. Your running is fine mate, no need to worry about that, swimming too. How many pressups/situps are you doing gazbo?
  4. well i can do 45 thats one a second or one to every beep and sit ups about 50 to the beep!
  5. Concentrate on CV, press-ups and situps. Stop running with weight on your back.
  6. You sound like your well on your way to passing the fitness tests at Raleigh, I wouldn't stress about those results at all!
  7. Must admit, your friend sounds a bit of a lightweight if he's whinging by Tuesday of week 1.
  8. lol true... he is a bit of a wimp and he is 27 and slightly over weight lol
    thanks for advice guys! i know ill be fine but just the nervous are kicking in now been waiting nearly two years! cometh the hour cometh the man!
  9. Mate personally I tend not to listern to anyone when it comes to fitness, reason being I'm sure you have a rough idea of the fitness requirments, and everyone has different levels of fitness, yes I'm sure you will find it challenging but you might find certain aspects of the course not to bad, where as other people might find it more challenging so off course they are going to pass on infomation saying is harder. For example when I was in test week in commando training I really enjoyed the endurance course and constantly got good times usually 58/59 minutes so when people asked me I gave them my experiences where as other people would give theirs. Best bet is to take it with a pinch of salt and take every day as it comes, and I'm sure you will be fine.
  10. that's probably the best piece of advice that I have had all day! I'm about 6"1 14.7 stone but I have a good over all fitness nothing is more challenging than another so I'll be fine! I've trainied hard so I know it will pay off in the end lol

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